Mobile suit Gundam ≫ Master Grade Series GUNDAM Model Kit G Gundam

Master Grade Series GUNDAM Model Kit G Gundam

Master Grade Series GUNDAM Model Kit G Gundam

Master Grade Series GUNDAM Model Kit G Gundam

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This is a PVC model kit from Gundam. The pieces can be snapped together (glue is not necessary) and once finished the figure has several points of articulation, so that you can put them in various poses.

The figures look quite good like this (all pieces are mono-colored and extra detail can be brought on with the included stickers), but with a bit of paint or airbrush it looks as good as an action figure.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Figures and Collectibles / PVC model kits
Publisher Bandai
Series Mobile suit Gundam
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code BAN-MSGZ1057
Customer reviews
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"Fantastico Master Grade Series GUNDAM Model Kit G Gundam" by solid (Espa├▒a) on Dec 14, 2005

Un fantastico Kit de montaje, el cual refleja perfectamente el personaje de la serie.

Muy bueno, tambien las articulaciones que nos permite colocar la figura en distintas posiciones.

Me ha gustado mucho.

"Not MG but AG (A-Grade) in my opinion" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Mar 18, 2004

For the ones who don't know G Gundam: Winning other countries through war is not the way. It's being done with Gundam Tournaments! Each country has it's own Gundam to represent themselves and the protagonist of the story is Neo Japan Fighter Domon Kasshu. But Domon has more on his mind than just defending the glory of his home land. He also must defeat the monster called the "Devil Gundam". Created by his father and stolen by his brother. Can he stop this beast before it plunges the world into chaos?

Now that you have a little insight of what G Gundam is I can tell about the God Gundam. It's not Domo's first Gundam he uses. He first handles the much much weaker Shining Gundam. And of course the God is also better looking ^_^.

Realy attractive box with a very nice rendering of the God Gundam ready to fire the Sekiha Tenkyoken if I'm correct. In the right corner below is Domon in his pose inside the Gundam. On the left side is the name of the show written and the serial number of the Gundam below it. Below the MG sign is written "fighting action" but what that means I'll that with the building.
The left side features pics of what this fighting actions ystem is capable of. The poseability is incredible and easily matches itself with poses from expensice action figures, hell i bet even 80% of the action figures available about mecha can't do the God's poses!
The right side features the detailing such as the Core-Lander and the included but not painted statue of Domon. it also shows off the actin frame.

- Manual
I guess this is just about standard as any other MG manual. There are the very clear pictures on how to assemble the kit. Also how the decals should be applied, promotional pictures and the list of paint to be used to paint Domo's little statue. There's also alot of info, in japanese, about the God, Domon, the Core-Lander etc.

- Decal Sticker sheet
Only one and tey're not dry decals but regular stickers so be carefull when applying them.

- Extra parts
When you've finished building it you should have these extra:
- 2 extra hands for the Kung fu poses
- 2 hands for holding the beam sabers
- 2 hands for the Shining Finger attack
- 2 beam saber beams
- 2 hands as fists

It was a real real pleasure to build this one! But contrary to what the pictures make you believe. You don't build the action frame firstr and then the armor parts around it. You construct it in it's whole. But what is that action frame now?
Very simple: instead of the regular skeleton with polycaps this frame is build from extremely strong ABS plastic and you screw it together. This allows the Gundam to stand on one leg for example and to do a side kick with falling over of course. It also allows the legs to twist a bit and to do steady spread stances. In short that's it but it pretty much describes well enough what it is.
I encountered only one problem during the construction and it was with the shoulders. I had some trouble with putting the screws in it because you really have to twist them in really hard. They don't go in as easily as you would thing so be carefull with it. Another part you should be carefull of are the braces around the feet. They need to slide over a little peg to put together but if you're not carefull they can break off. So not really a problem just pay attention with it.
The frame locks together very firmly and building the armor around it is very simple. No real parts that need special attention or care. Probably only the braces around the feet like I mentioned earlier. One thing however that bothers me are the hands which hold the sabers. They are made of two parts of very soft rubber and they tend to loosen up very very easily when they need to hold anything but a little glue can fix it in no time.
The core lander needs no comments I think because it's the easiest thing to build because of the large parts.

I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.... I've never seen such moveability and poseability on any other Gundam kit before. It can stand on one leg, do Kung Fu poses you can bend the arms inwardsn it can fold it's arms, it can stand on one knee while a hand rests on it., it can hold a sword with two arms while doing a spread stance etc. I can go on and on about it! It never ends! If they ever build a 1/100 or 1/65 action toy based on God Gundam then better make it as poseable as this model! what also baffled me was the very good stability. If you think your poses over almost anything is possible. I can't leave mine one in one pose. I MUST change it every so often! ^_^

I wish Bandai would use the frame with every gundam model.... *sigh* But hey luckily the MG Seed models have it! Let's hope Bandai does what I wish for! {;-) But seriously buy this one before it goes out-of-production because they don't as good as this one very often. Already is the Master Gundam hard to get by now so hurry before this beauty disappears!