Mobile suit Gundam ≫ Gundam Seed Model kit 1/144 Blitz Gundam

Gundam Seed Model kit 1/144 Blitz Gundam

Gundam Seed Model kit 1/144 Blitz Gundam

Gundam Seed Model kit 1/144 Blitz Gundam

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This is a PVC model kit from Gundam Seed. The pieces can be snapped together (glue is not necessary) and once finished the figure has several points of articulation, so that you can put them in various poses.

The figures look quite good like this (all pieces are mono-colored and extra detail can be brought on with the included stickers), but with a bit of paint or airbrush it looks as good as an action figure.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / PVC model kits
Publisher Bandai
Series Mobile suit Gundam
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code BAN-MSGZ1006
Customer reviews
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"Gundam mini figure" by Chris (België) on Jul 31, 2005

nogal klein uitgevallen,maar maakt dit wel goed met Detail.

"pvc model" by ihadda (Nederland) on Jul 13, 2005

het is een hele mooie model en het staat overal mooi
ze zijn hier het goedkoopst maar ik heb het zelf niet hier gekocht.
het zwart staat mooi bij de gundam pvc model en het verven is ook niet moeilijk gebruik wel model kit paint.

"pvc model" by Jun (Nederland) on Jun 27, 2005

i bought this model it looks fine you can change postions how he stands on the table.what cool is that little yellow grab thing it can go open and closed.
the only thing is its indeed all black that doesnt really matter to me because i find it more appealling when you paint it all the pieces.

anyway use model kit paint (no water paint!) you can buy it in some of the toy stores or paint shops.

this gundam pvc models are cheaper than any other website.its cheap so buy it if you want you wont regret it.

"A amazing easy Gundam Kit ¿ Blitzing!!!" by Shuji-Kun (Netherlands) on Mar 12, 2005

This Blitz Gundam kit is just awesome. It's very easy to put together (without glue), cause just like any other gundam kit, it's a snap-together kit. But unfortunatly this kit is molded in only one color. To bring a little more color to the kit, it has stickers you can apply on to it, to give it a little color. Instead of putting these stickers on, you can also paint the kit... and that is what makes this kit great. It's very easy to paint, and I finished this kit just in 2 to 3 hours including putting in together.

I recommend this kit, cause it's really cool lookin' when you finish it. Esspecially when you paint this guy. But this kit is also a great addition for the Gundam Seed fans. I'm really proud to have this kit, and it raises my Gundam Seed Fandom even more... So i'm giving this kit "5 stars"... because it's awesome, just for simple Gundam kit.

"mini gundam is cool" by Tom Maassen (België) on Nov 29, 2004

na een kwartiertje snijden en klikken zat dit modelletje in elkaar. ik vind het wel spîjtig fdat hij niet meer kleur heeft. ik ga de details (alles wat kleur heeft) nog zelf moeten schilderen want hij is compleet zwart!
aangezien het een model-kit is, is het niet erg. ik raad citadel-warhammer verf aan.

het figuur zelf is goed gedetailleerd en zo een 15 cm hoog. je kan hem verschillende wapens en poses laten aannemen en dat is supercool

een pluspunt is ook dat je niet met lijm moet zitten prutsen door het handige kliksysteem