Parasyte ≫ Kiseiju tome 03

Kiseiju tome 03

Kiseiju tome 03

Kiseiju tome 03

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De mystérieuses sphères abritant des parasites se répandent un peu partout sur Terre. Rapidement, les entités prennent possession de certains habitants. Nul ne sait d'où elles viennent, mais elles sont là pour débarrasser le monde de l'espèce humaine. Shinichi, jeune lycéen, est un « hôte » dont le cerveau a miraculeusement été épargné : Migi, son parasite, a pris possession de son bras droit ! Les deux êtres vont apprendre chacun l'un de l'autre. Alors que Shinichi se découvre doté d'incroyables facultés physiques, il prend aussi conscience de la menace qui plane sur ses proches... et sur l'humanité tout entière.

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Glenat
Series Parasyte
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Primary language French
Product Code GLE-PYTT0003
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"Here's a manga that really gets under your skin." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Apr 3, 2007

Parasyte continues to deliver a great story. The manga could've easily settled into an 'alien of the week' routine, but fortunately there's much more to Parasyte than that. Hitoshi Iwaaki cares about developing his story and keeping his readers hooked. The third volume has its share of violent clashes with the ever-creepy invaders, but it also takes time for some new plot twists and character development.

Shin'ichi has found a friend in Mamoru Uta, a man who is, like him, only partly posessed by an alien. In Mamoru's case, however, the alien has control of his throat and the lower half of his face. Which is a whole lot more uncomfortable than just having one of them taking over your hand. Assisted by Mamoru, Shin tracks down the alien that attacked his mother, but he will have to face the monster without Migy's help. Besides this dramatic showdown, we find out that Shin'ichi's body as well as his mind are rapidly changing because of his co-existence with Migy. He's turning stronger, but also colder and aloof. The implication that he may be losing his humanity gives him great cause for distress, but before he can work it all out, new Paraystes show up to confront him, and his father is planning to go public with what he's seen of the invaders.

With all these twists, Parasyte remains as fresh and gripping as it was on day one. There's still plenty of the series' trademark dark humour and creepy imagery in volume three. The series still has plenty of creative juices left, and I'm looking forward to reading more of it.