Gals! ≫ Gals! tome 01

Gals! tome 01

Gals! tome 01

Gals! tome 01

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Beinvenu dans l'univers de Kogal, le monde des midinettes branchées de Tokyo! gals nous emmène sur les pas de le jeune Ran Kotobuki, une lycéene de 16 ans mordue de shopping qui n'a qu'un but dans la vie: porter les dernières fringues les plus en vogue du moment!
Avec ses deux meilleures amies, Aya et Miyu, elle cherche toutes les combines possibles pour gagner suffisamment d'argent afin d'assouvir sa passion

loin des grandes histoires d'amour compliquées, Gals est un manga sur le quotidien des filles modernes, ancré dans notre époque, qui suit leurs moeurs avec énormément d'humour et d'autodérision. Un manga in pour toutes les apprenties lolitas adeptes de la mode, véritable succès en Japon avec notamment une adaption en dessin animé.

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Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Glenat
Series Gals!
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Primary language French
Product Code GLE-GALT0001
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Customer reviews
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"Shoujo punk!" by Mark Carson (USA) on Nov 9, 2003

No, don't expect any sort of profound sociological insight into the "universe of the kogals" out of this manga. Instead, what we actually have here is a shoujo version of a furyo (punk) manga! When the first page shows Ran smacking some guy into the stratosphere, and the first chapter is entitled "Kogals are invincible!" you get some idea of how things are going to go. If you're in the mood for such a thing, it's pretty entertaining. If not, well, it can be pretty fatiguing.

Rather than the visual assault of, say, Eikichi Onizuka's (GTO) piles of garbage and multiple contusions and abrasions, you get the visual assault of Ran Kotobuki's bizarre leopard prints, 12-inch platform shoes and five-foot-wide eyes. In other words, as far as visual assaults go, "Gals!" is one of the cuter ones.

Like Onizuka, Ran does spend time solving (or at least meddling in) the problems of her friends and enemies along the way, and so often ends up converting the latter into the former. Unlike GTO, though, the chapters are mostly episodic, with only slight connection between them.

If you're having trouble determining whether this is a positive or negative review, then you're reading this correctly. For the right audience, this one's a riot; for others, it could be anathema. I'm on the riot side of the fence - in fact, I'll admit this is one of my top favorites now - but then I always was an unruly child.

The Glénat edition seems quite well done, not a mean trick with a manga as slang-filled as this one. The slang Glénat used to represent "kogal-speak" did seem a little artificial to me (lots of Verlan, for instance), but I guess in some sense this is a reasonable imitation of the original.