Planet ladder ≫ Planet ladder vol 05 GN

Planet ladder vol 05 GN

Planet ladder vol 05 GN

Planet ladder vol 05 GN

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The future of the universe is in my hands. I didn't ask for this, but it is mine. i am just an orphan. unwanted. But now everyone wants me to be theirs - theirs or dead. my life in Japan was ordinary until Seeu and idou kidnapped me and brought me to their worlds. Now I live with the silent Seeu, alone in his deserted palace. Some still call me by my name, Kaguya. Others call me the Princess of the Choosing. They say, with my black hair and blue eyes, that I am beautiful. but really I'm just scared. I must be brave. But all of my friends are gone! Where is bambi? Who is Kagami? Will I ever know? or will I die here with the rest of the Universe?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Planet ladder
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2002122921
Customer reviews
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"Promising, yet confusing." by Villain (Finland) on Mar 12, 2009

The fifth volume of Planet Ladder is, much like the whole series, a mixed bag. On one hand it has plenty of interesting build-up for a presumably exciting finale; on the other hand it suffers from slow proceeding and too large a cast of characters. Yuri Narushima likes to give us short bits and pieces of all the major players of the story, easily confusing the reader with all the metaphysical anomalities and the like in the multi-dimensional universe. It is especially annoying to try to figure out the perception of time by some characters occasionally.

Still, this is some of the better shoujo-style fantasy manga available in English - or at least it was, as it seems to be out of print by now. If you find the setting interesting and have the means to acquire all the seven volumes of Planet Ladder, you should do so while you still can.

"Planet Ladder English vol. 5" by Togepi (Nederland) on Nov 17, 2007

In the first volume of this series, there are very pretty and non-pretty drawings in that book. But from volume 2 on, the drawings stay pretty, thus making it a lot nicer to read. The story is also interesting enough that it makes you want to read the next volume.
There are some nice moments in this volume that decide the course of events in the following two volumes [total length of this series is 7 volumes], but I can't say too much about that without giving any spoilers.
The book reads rather quickly because there is not a lot of text, but there's enough text to make the story clear.