Transformers ≫ Transformers Season 2 Box set 2 DVD

Transformers Season 2 Box set 2 DVD

Transformers Season 2 Box set 2 DVD

Transformers Season 2 Box set 2 DVD

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<UL><LI>The golden lagoon<LI>The god gambit<LI>Make Tracks<LI>Child's play<LI>Quest for survival<LI>The secret of Omega Supreme<LI>The gambler<LI>Kremzeek!<LI>Sea change<LI>Triple takeover<LI>Prime target<LI>Auto-bop<LI>The search for Alpha Trion<LI>The girl who loved Powerglide<LI>Hoist goes Hollywood<LI>The key to Vector Sigma Part 1<LI>The key to Vector Sigma Part 2<LI>Aerial assault<LI>War dawn<LI>Trans-Europe express<LI>Cosmic rust<LI>Starscream's brigade<LI>The revenge of Bruticus<LI>Masquerade<LI>B.O.T.<LI>Special features</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department video / DVD
Publisher Rhino
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English
Primary language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2003013711
Customer reviews
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"Excellent transfer, shame about the audio option" by twistedpaul (Netherlands) on Jun 28, 2004

This long-awaited set with some of the best season two episodes (The Key to Vector Sigma, The Gambler, to name a few) again looks gorgeous. The transfer is razorsharp; I cannot recall the episodes looking this good on TV- ever! From the excellent packaging to the beautiful animated menu's, Rhino really knows how to please the hardcore fan.

Except for one thing:
The 5.1 audio, while a bold move, (if a bit unnecessary for a series this old, in my opinion) adds numerous sound effects in order to more fully exploit the surround possibilities of your speaker set. But where's the original mono option? At least Rhino could have given us the option too choose. From season 3 on they will, though, and I am pleased they take the feedback people give them about their releases into account.

This set still comes recommended though, but you may want to check out the UK R2 release which has the original audio option.

"Same as the others: Excellent all the way!!" by Micha Muscus (Netherlands) on Nov 10, 2003

This third DVD set is also excellent. Containing the last 24 episodes before Transformers The Movie, great extra features and two colour cel's. As as fan, I would always recommend buying this set, specially when you allready bought the other two DVD sets. The quality is excellent and no videotape can ever touch this!!