Boogiepop ≫ Boogiepop phantom vol 02 DVD PAL NL

Boogiepop phantom vol 02 DVD PAL NL

Boogiepop phantom vol 02 DVD PAL NL

Boogiepop phantom vol 02 DVD PAL NL

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Yoji Suganuma kan de druk die zijn vader op hem uitoefent niet meer aan. Als hem een drug wordt aangeboden die zijn "leven zal veranderen", aarzelt hij niet. De grenzen van de werkeleijkheid vervagen...
Geruchten. Ze doen nog steeds de ronde in de stad... Maar wat is er werkelijk gebeurd, vijf jaar geleden? Suema is er zeker van dat Nagi Kirima met deze verschrikkelijke gebeurtenissen te maken heeft, maar Nagi geeft geen sjoege. Suema's speurtocht leiden haar naar het ziekenhuis en naar een geheimzinnig meisje...

Sinds de dood van haar vader, zijn de verhoudingen tussen Shizue Wakasa en haar moeder gespannen. De moord op Shizue door een seriemoordenaar beëindigd het conflict zonder het op te lossen... Vijf jaar later, roept het persoonlijke dagboek van het jonge meisje pijnlijke herrinneringen op... De serie van Takashi Watanabe gaat verder, in een sfeer die doet denken aan "Serial Experiments Lain" en een verhaal dat je de koude om het hart zal doen slaan...<ul><li>Episode 04 - My fair lady</li><li>Episode 05 - Interlude</li><li>Episode 06 - Mother's day</li></ul>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department video / DVD
Publisher Dybex
Series Boogiepop
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language French , Japanese
Primary language Dutch
Subtitle language Dutch , French
DVD region 2
Product Code DYN-BPHV0002
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"Finally, some good horror anime." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Jan 3, 2005

I learned my lesson the hard way - watching episodes of Boogiepop Phantom out of order is a bad idea. The show is already maddeningly obtuse. Don't make the ride harder on yourself by skipping episodes. As it is, I missed out on episodes 2 and 3, and bought this disc after sampling just episode 1.

This disc contains episodes 4 to 6, and they serve up some good, solid chills even if you watch them out of context. Episode 4 is a pretty standalone tale of a schoolboy so obsessed by his PC dating games that he can't function properly in real life. There's a great sense of slowly building dread in this episode. Boogiepop Phantom shines when it simply tells straightforward scary stories. There's an overarching plot involving grisly murders in the past, a rumored X files-ish conspiracy, and the disappearance of young people by the hands of Boogiepop, what- or whoever she may turn out to be. Quite what is going on is still far from clear, and the show maintains an enigmatic tone throughout. Rather than telling its story in a straightforward manner, the show seems to focus on one individual victim of some spooky phenomenon per episode, each of them somehow connected to the bigger picture. Bits of information trickle through at a tantalisingly slow pace, and almost always out of order. If you love mysteries, Boogiepop Phantom should float your boat just fine.

As for me, I'm happy to just enjoy the creepy atmosphere of the show so far. Strange camera angles, grainy pictures, muted colours and distorted voices all add to the menacing feel of each story. Boogiepop Phantom displays a kind of low-key horror that slowly builds from everyday situations, and it is very effective. If the show keeps up such quality scares throughout, it will be worth every dime. Dynamic Vision's DVD's have not always been good value for money in my opinion. Too few episodes per disc, not a single extra, dodgy subtitles and menus that take bloody forever to load are common gripes I have with them. Sadly, their Boogiepop Phantom DVD's aren't immune to these shortcomings. But for once, it looks like the show's overall quality will compensate for slightly poor discs. At any rate, definitely give the series a try if you enjoy the horror genre.