Chobits ≫ Chobits TV vol 01 Persocom DVD

Chobits TV vol 01 Persocom DVD

Chobits TV vol 01 Persocom DVD

Chobits TV vol 01 Persocom DVD

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In an alternate present day, we have computers known as Persocoms that can be designed to look like toy figures, animals, even people... Our story focuses on one such Persocom named Chi and her new owner, Hideki Motosuwa, who is too broke to buy one and yet is lucky enough to have found Chi in the trash. But when Hideki turns Chi on for the first time, something strange occurs... Without her IS, Chi should not be able to be as cognizant as she acts. What is this mysterious persocom and why was she in the trash? hideki has a mystery to unfold and still pass his classes at the same time.<UL><LI>Episode 1 - Chi awakens<LI>Episode 2 - Chi goes out<LI>Episode 3 - Chi learns<LI>Episode 4 - Chi goes on errands</UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Geneon Entertainment
Series Chobits
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Science Fiction , Romance , Ecchi
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2002124058
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Customer reviews
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"chobits is the best" by annabloem (Nederland) on Jan 3, 2009

Chobits is my all time favorite anime. A must have for everyone. This series is what got me hooked on anime!!.

"Chii!! :P" by YaH (Nederland) on Oct 11, 2008

Een comische en mooie anime! Je ziet dat dit een anime is die zich in de toekomst afspeelt door de robots (persocons) die zich in het verhaal af spelen. Een feel-good anime. Natuurlijk gemaakt door de beroemde CLAMP. Echt de moeite waard om die eens te bekijken.

"Chobiiiits :D" by ElenoreLoretje (Belgium) on Aug 4, 2008

Well, I have a weak spot for robot -tales (in this case they're named persocons)

A countryboy moves to a large city where there are persocons everywhere, he's determined to get one himself, unfortunatel, he hasn't got the money to buy something that expensive so he feels kinda down untill....he finds a beautiful persocon that's dumped with some trash, and takes her home, boots her up, chiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

I loved it, this anime was amazing, you can't call yourself an anime-fan if you haven't seen chobits ;)

"Lachen van begin tot eind..." by msr (België) on Sep 26, 2005

Deze anime in he geheel is een pareltje in het anime comedy genre. De serie combineert stijlvol getekende personages met goed uitgebouwde karakters en een goed en vooral met momenten "hilarisch" verhaal.

De 1ste en 2de aflevering zijn trage starters maar vanaf afl 3 begint de reeks pas echt tot zijn recht te komen.

Hideki een boerenjonge verhuist naar het grote tokyo om er te gaan studeren en komt tot de ondervinding dat iedereen daar met een soort zeer geavanceerde robotten "persocoms" werken en leven. Hideki financieel niet in de positie om er een te kopen vindt per toeval een persocom tussen het vuilnis ebn neemt deze in huis. Het blijkt te gaan om een speciale leger persocom "chobits" genaamd en het blijkt dat chii zoals hij haar doopt niets weet alleen maar kan leren. stf genoeg dus voor goede comedy.

Een must have voor iedere anime comedy liefhebber.

"chobits" by soultaker (Netherlands) on Sep 23, 2005

it maybe not the best series effer but it surely worth the try .
it so funny that ul be rolling on the floor and its real original and it does not get old if seen the chobits 5 times already and i still like it

"Te gek" by t-s t (Nederland) on Sep 16, 2005

Hideki woond op het platteland en hij huurt daarna een kamer in het appartement.
Later vind hij Chii tussen het vuilnis.
Hij heeft geluk dat hij een persocom heeft gevonden want persocoms zijn heel erg duur.
Dus Chii werd zijn kamergenoot.
En hideki moetr haar nog wat woorden leren omdat ze bij het begin alleen Chii kan zeggen.

"Cute, Funny and good" by ShaolinWarrior (Nederland) on Sep 26, 2004

(review based on what I have seen so far)

The first eps are really tons of fun. Chii is really cute and I like it how Hideki acts to certain situations/things (especially around girls). Hideki has also perverted thought/dreams wich is also funny.

Later on the story gets more serious as there are more questions about the origins of Chii. The story will also get more mysterious but it keeps its funny undertone...

Allthough I havn't seen all episodes yet I can recommend this to anyone who likes series with alot of humor, (clumsy) cute girls, romance and ecchi stuff ^^

b.t.w: the series has good art too and the only reason's that I dont give it a 5/5 is because I havn't seen everything yet and I dont like every episode as much as others

"Cute little Chii..!" by Derwen (Finland) on Jul 1, 2004

I have only seen a couple of episodes so far, but I really like what I¿ve seen. Chobits is sweet, funny and cute love comedy. Animation is great!
I still wouldn't give all 5 stars to this.. I think it's missing something. But Chobits is that kind of anime you should check out!

"Chobits - een must ^^" by Ann-chii (België) on Apr 23, 2004

Chobits is zeer aangrijpend maar toch bevat het zeer veel humor. Of je nu dat genre graag ziet of niet, je moet dit gewoon eens zien ^^ Het gaat over een jongen, Hideki, die een persocon (Chii) op het stort vindt. Deze persocon is speciaal en heeft een eigen wil - ze kan zelfs gevoelens hebben voor een persoon. Dus Hideki zal Chii alles moeten leren ... ^^

"Great series" by Mausthemighty (Nederland) on Mar 23, 2004

This love comedy is extremely funny(Hideki Hentai!!), but it also has a philosophical side to it. Is it ok to be in love with a persocon? And what is the big secret of Chii's past? Why does Yumi chan act so weird around Hideki? To know the answers you'll just have to watch it! :p
If you liked Love Hina you will surely fall in love with this series too!

"Chii! " by Shrapnel Clone (Nederland) on Mar 11, 2004

Excellent series. It has both humorous and a serious side to it, but in the first episodes it primarily about Chii getting Hideki into embarrassing situations. WARNING: Side effects of watching this series may include 'dancing while waiting' and an uncontrollable urge to say &quot;CHII!&quot; a lot! :-)

"CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTIE" by Lady Shadow Wings (USA) on Feb 1, 2004

I watched this one at least ten times, the point is, CUTE. Found in a garbage dump, chi was incredibly real, like a real girl. Hideki, her owner, was a typical guy. He likes porno-magz., gets fluttery when seeing cute girls, and FREAKS OUT at the thought of buying women's underwear. Unfortunetly for him, if he wants a persocom girl, he'll have to. Wondering how he does it? Find out in Chobits 1~Persocom.

"Kawaii!" by Daniel Palmer (UK) on Jan 6, 2004

One of the cutest and funniest anime's around. Excellent story, Excellent animation, Simply Excellent!! Even non-anime-fans will enjoy it :)