Boogiepop ≫ Boogiepop phantom vol 01 DVD PAL NL

Boogiepop phantom vol 01 DVD PAL NL

Boogiepop phantom vol 01 DVD PAL NL

Boogiepop phantom vol 01 DVD PAL NL

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<UL><LI>De nacht is gevallen. Plotseling weerklinkt een kreet door het duister. Een lichtflits, gebroken glas onder het bloed. Reeds vele scholieren zijn verdwenen rond hun school. Het mysterie rond hun verdwijning is compleet en er doen geruchten de ronde over het bestaan van een duistere organisatie, aangevoerd door Boogie Pop, de God van de Dood!
Geregiseerd door Takashi Watanabe, houdt Boogiepop Phantom haar kijkers voortdurent in een staat van verwarring en spanning met briljante cameraopstellingen en een bizarre verhaallijn. Dit is een werkelijk avantgardistische thriller, met elementen uit Dracula en Serial Experiments Lain. Een uitdagende en verslavende serie, met de ambitie een cultstatus als die van Evangelion te bereiken.<LI>Il fait nuit. Soudain, un gémissement et un cri transpercent les ténèbres. Un rouleau de lumière déchire le ciel du toit d'une école. Puis du sang sur un mur, des bris de glace. Plusieurs étudiants ont disparu dans les environs de leur collège. Le mystère de leur disparition est total, et des rumeurs se répandent sur l'existence d'une mystérieuse organisation menée par Boogiepop, le dieu de la mort. Réalisé de main de maître par Takashi Watanabe, Boogiepop Phantom bénéficie d'un travail de découpage et de prise de vues suprenant qui, soutenu par l'intrigue, entretient volontairement une confusion permanente. Situé à mi-chemin entre Dracula et Serial Experiments Lain, Boogiepop Phantom est un thriller réellement avant-gardiste. Une série audacieuse et ambitieuse comme le fut autrefois dans son genre Neon Genesis Evangelion.<LI>E noite. De repente as trevas são trespassadas por um gemido e um grito. Um feixe de luz rasga o céu a partir do tecto de uma escola. Vê-se sangue num muro e estilhaços de vidro. Vários alunos desapareceram nos arredores da escola. O mistério desses desaparecimentos é total os rumeros apontam para a existência de uma organização secreta diriganda por Boogie Pop, o Deus da Morte.
Realizada pela mão do mestre Takashi Watanabe, Boogiepop Phantom beneficia de um fabuloso trabalho de edição de imagem e de cenas surpreendentes que, sustentadas pelo enredo mantêm propositadamente uma confosão permanente. Situada entre Drácula e Serial Experiments Lain, Boogie Pop Phantom é um thriller verdadeiramente avant-garde. Uma série audaciosa e ambiciosa como foi, dentro do mesmo género o grande Neon Genesis Evangelion.</UL><ul><li>Episode 01 - Portraits from memory</li><li>Episode 02 - Light in darkness</li><li>Episode 03 - Life can be so nice</li></ul>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Dybex
Series Boogiepop
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language French , Japanese
Primary language Dutch
Subtitle language Dutch , French
DVD region 2
Product Code DYN-BPHV0001
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"Intriguing and atmospheric." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Jun 17, 2006

Many praises have been sung about Boogiepop Phantom. These opening episodes are, in my opinion, the very best of the series. Through three separate, yet somehow interwoven stories, these episodes plunge the viewer into a murky world where strange things are afoot and nobody is quite sure what is going on.
Ever since Evangelion's rise to popularity, a lot of anime shows have misguidedly embraced the philosophy that being as obtuse as possible makes a show good. Obtuse is definitely an adjective that springs to mind while watching Boogiepop Phantom, but the effect actually works this time. Each episode focuses on a separate person (usually a young teenager) who comes into contact with sinister forces plaguing the city. The outcome is usually dire for them. The stories grip one because they ooze a shadowy, oppressive atmosphere and genuinely unsettling moments. Unlike most hack-and-slash nonsense that calls itself horror, Boogiepop Phantom manages to make the viewer feel genuinely uncomfortable, and to make that effect last. The show's visual style contributes a lot to its creepy lasting power. It's full of bizarre camera angles, muted, grainy colours and distorted sounds. I'm not too crazy about the very sparse character designs. I guess they were shooting for an un-cartoony effect, which is fine by me, but there's hardly any detail whatsoever on the characters. Some slightly more distinct facial features would've been nice.
I can think of no other nitpick about these first three episodes. This is one of the few genuine horror shows out there. It's worth sampling just for its unusual and very spooky style, and when you do, chances are you'll be hooked on the show's intricate mystery. Just be aware that you're getting a pretty bare-bones DVD. The menus take forever to load, the subtitles aren't always accurate and there are no extras whatsoever. Now that the price has dropped so much, it's possible to overlook this in view of the quality of the actual episodes (these discs originally retailed for close to 30 bucks, which is a lot of money for such a skinny DVD). Die-hard fans can always seek out the American release, where one is treated to much slicker presentation along with goodies like a director's commentary track. Either way, Boogiepop Phantom's first three episodes are worth checking out.

"You'll want more." by Chibs (Nederland) on Jan 30, 2006

Like said before, each episode stands on its own. But, are linked together, in a very intresting way. In the first episode, for example, we will follow one girl in special, and in one very small scene, she meets this boy that says something odd.... You won't understand, but since it was only 2 minutes, you'll think it wasn't needed to understand the rest... which is wrong. The next episode in this example, focuses on that boy, which will make you understand what he said to the girl in episode 1, which gives another look on the first ep.
This continues throughout the complete DVD.

The Sound and Footage quality are excellent.
The cover looks a bit minimalistic, but will still do...
However, the only thing the DVD contains is these 3 eps, a few trailers, and that's it. No extras.
The drawing styles reminded me quite of S.E. Lain.

For 12 euro that's something that doesn't matter to much, and I'd still recommend it to anyone who wants to see an anime that isn't ordinary, But original.

"eerie and disturbing" by Mirai (Netherlands) on Mar 10, 2005

This serie is eerie, very. Schoolgirl talking about mysterious deaths and a legend: The boogiepop phantom. The episodes are each selfcontaining but they all share some links with eachother. This dvd makes you want to see more...

"atmosphère glauque et oppressante" by ptitlouis (Belgique) on May 11, 2004

Cet anim&eacute; est une r&eacute;v&eacute;lation: intelligent, sombre, passionnant, il vous fera fr&eacute;mir plus d'une fois. C'est un vrai anim&eacute; d'horreur: une honneur engendr&eacute;e non par ce que l'on voit, mais par ce que l'on ne voit pas, une horreur nourrie de l&eacute;gendes urbaines exalt&eacute;es par l'imagination. On ne peut &eacute;videmment s'emp&ecirc;cher de tracer des parall&egrave;les avec Lain, mais Boogiepop Phantom vous emm&egrave;ne encore plus loin, dans un voyage int&eacute;rieur particuli&egrave;rement oppressant.
Un indispensable, pour ceux qui n'ont pas peur de devoir r&eacute;fl&eacute;chir en regardant un anim&eacute;!