Crayon Shinchan ≫ Crayon Shin chan vol 02 GN

Crayon Shin chan vol 02 GN

Crayon Shin chan vol 02 GN

Crayon Shin chan vol 02 GN

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The adventures of that mischievous five year old continue in Crayon Shinchan #2. Follow Shinchan as he discovers new things, fights with his mother, and causes mayhem at Action Kindergarten. Watch as he helps his mom cook, clean, and shop. Will Shinchan ever act like a normal five year old kid? Or will his parents realize "normal" is not in his vocabulary? Check out the hilarious mis-adventures of everyone's favorite crayon drawn kid in Crayon Shinchan #2.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher ComicsOne
Series Crayon Shinchan
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy
Product Code PRE-2002102452
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Customer reviews
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"Absolutely funny!" by Joona (Finland) on Dec 11, 2004

This manga has a lot of good jokes, which may seem childish, but they still are funny. The drawings are as good as in the first manga and Shinchan stays as funny as he used to be.

"LMAO" by Hans (Nederland) on Jul 11, 2004

De meeste Nederlanders kennen inmiddels Shin Chan, een vrij-nieuwe serie op Foxkids.

Natuurlijk (ja, wat verwacht anders :P) is de tv-serie op tv gecensureerd: Stukken met Shin's 'ondeugende aanhangsel' worden simpelweg weggelaten. Dat maakt het natuurlijk 10x saaier dan wat het is.

In deze manga worden de gecensureerde stukken (natuurlijk) behouden, zodat je kan zien hoe Shin Chan echt is :)

pluspunt: Ongecensureerd, met hilarische verhalen (Shin maakt huis schoon, etc :))
minpunt: Op tv ziet Shin Chan er wel 2x beter uit.