Battle angel Alita ≫ Gunnm Last order tome 01

Gunnm Last order tome 01

Gunnm Last order tome 01

Gunnm Last order tome 01

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Détruite par l'explosion d'une bombe de Desty Nova, Gally se retrouvait sur Zalem, dotée d'un nouveau corps. Gunnm allait s'achever avec la destruction de la cité céleste et la renaissance de notre héroïne devenue humaine, dans le dernier volume...
Ce final, en réalité prématuré, ne correspondait pas vraiment aux aspirations de yukito Kishiro, qui prévoyait de poursuivre les aventures de Gally bien au-delà de Zalem! Aujourd'hui, 7 ans après la "fin" de la saga, Kishiro réalise enfin son rêve et décidem ni plus ni moins, de reprendra sa série au moment de l'arrivée de Gally sur Zalem!

Qui était Yoko? D'où venait-elle? Comment notre héroïne a-t-elle perdu son corps et assimilé son incroyable technique de combat? Qui étaient ses adversaires d'antan, et que sont-ils devenus? Kishiro nous révélera son passé martien, et son destin... au-delà des étoiles. Gally revient plus en forme que jamais, pour notre plus grande plaisir!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Glenat
Series Battle angel Alita
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Product Code GLE-GUNT0018
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Customer reviews
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"The real ending of the story" by mercure66 (Belgique) on Nov 26, 2003

I was very disapointed by the end of Gunnm...but fortunately Yukito Kishiro wrote an alternative ending, Gunnm Last Order !
The story is really great, if you read Gunnm, you have to read Last Order...I hope that Glenat will hurry to translate the other volumes !

"continuation of an exelent story" by Cyclone_X (Belgium) on Nov 6, 2003

It was only lst year That I began reading the original Gunnm series, which I liked a lot. And then I found out there would be a new series,so I was thrilled.
The biggest change I saw when I got this first issue is that Kishiro drawed in a more softly way, more sketchy, especially the humans. This adds a lot to the realism of the characters and how they feel (their sentiments).
Furthermore Kishiro as improved on drawing mecha / robotica / mechanica related engines, just look at the first robot that attacks Gally. (and the sounds he used for this robot are a nice addition)

The whole story continiues not right after the last issue of Gunnm, series 1, but when Docter Nova explode her. Nova is now her recreator, he brings Gally back to life with a brand new body, even stronger than her Berserk body she once owned.
I'm not going to tell the whole story, as I don't wantto spoil everyone's pleasure, but in general it goes like this:
Nova showed to all the people of Zalem what they really have in their heads, this started big riots and suicides.
All are lest is a bunch of kids with normal brains and a group of adults who didnt became crazy. the kids, under the lead of Jim, former assistent of Nova. Jim wants to find out the whole secret of Zalem and needs the help of Gally.

So after reading this review, get this manga!

Lauent aka Cyclone X