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Street fighter II DVD PAL

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Street fighter II DVD PAL

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All the lightning-fisted, thrills of the world's wildest combat video game series explodes on to DVD in this brilliantly animated, sensationally super charged adventure, Streetfighter II The Animated Movie. This new digitally re-mastered version now boasts a stunning new 5.1 Surround sound mix of the equally popular soundtrack.

In the not too distant future, civilisation is under attack. Leading the forces of darkness is the evil mastermind Bison, who is determined to capture the minds and bodies of the worlds greatest fighters for use in his manic plan to conquer the world.

The only people on Earth with the potential to stop him are Ken and Ryu, two powerful legendary martial arts warriors. Together they face the fights of all fights. the final battle of good against evil is about to begin.<UL><LI>Digitally remastered<LI>5.1 Digital Surround Sound<LI>Original European Sound Track<LI>ROM content<LI>Trailers<LI>Subtitles: English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish<LI>Motion menu<LI>Chapter selection</UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Manga entertainment
Series Street fighter
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 2
Product Code MAN-SF2V1002
Customer reviews
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"What is wrong with this DVD? Let me count the ways..." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Sep 1, 2004

Street Fighter II: the animated movie is a fairly entertaining film in its own right. It cheerily hurls any semblance of an intelligent plot straight out of the window, and concentrates on exciting fight scenes instead. Said fight scenes benefit from smooth animation and excellent choreography. The movie's art is slick and detailed, all the character designs do their game counterpart justice, and the whole thing rattles along at a good pace. The plot is cheesier than a macaroni casserole, but that hardly matters. What viewers expect from a movie like this is a healthy dose of good-looking brawls that stay faithful to the game. And it does not disappoint.

However, I must warn anyone to stay away from this DVD edition. It is, quite possibly, the worst job ever done on an anime DVD. Someone actually had the cheek to slap the words 'special DVD edition' on the box. Apparently, Manga Video's UK branch seems to think that just because something is on DVD, it qualifies as special. I hate to disappoint them, but obscure zombie movie DVD's that linger in a bargain bin for five bucks each get a better DVD treatment than this shoddy mess.

Let's look at the incredibly exciting 'DVD features' that the box so proudly lists, shall we? To begin with, it claims that the film was 'Digitally re-mastered'. I suppose they mean that a blind chihuahua with no limbs honestly *tried* to do a digital re-mastering job with this movie, but gave up after a few minutes. That's how 'digitally re-mastered' this looks. The video was not exactly pulled from a pristine print, and it shows. Dark scenes look smudgy, grey and black tones look terribly grainy, and there are several moments where heavy spots and imperfections crop up on screen. The picture quality is quite simply terrible. Amateur fansubs have done better than this.

We're supposed to be impressed that this DVD features subtitles in Finnish, Norwegian and Portugese, but no language options and not one single extra whatsoever (oh sure, there's promo trailers, but since when do they count as genuine extras?). Good golly, what an amazing deal this 'special DVD edition' has proven to be so far. It even has these amazing, like, 'Motion Menus' and 'Chapter Selection' things! Wow!

When a DVD box tells you that chapter selection is something special, you know you're in trouble. The icing on the cake has to be the 'Original European Sound Track', though. Double wow! Translation: you're stuck with an Americanised soundtrack that basically consists of some fad rock songs blaring along in the background. I'm not such an &amp;uuml;ber-purist that I reject any alteration in domestically-released anime per se. There are moments when the European soundtrack works fairly well, but it's mostly just loud. It is also *not* the original soundtrack that accompanied the movie's initial Japanese release. Wouldn't it be nice if the box let us know this? Heck, I know this is completely outta the left field, but wouldn't it have been nice if the DVD included both soundtracks, so everyone can choose what they please? How about a Japanese language option? Multiple audio tracks are possible in DVD format, and in my opinion, one of its great merits. But I suppose this 'special DVD edition' has no need for pedestrian stuff like audio options or even good picture quality. It has Chapter Selection and Swedish subtitles! I bet the Alien Quadrilogy box is quaking in its booties compared to the sheer might of all this special DVD-ness.

The bottom line: I bought this DVD from a bargain bin for about seven bucks, and I still feel cheated. This hopelessly shoddy DVD job insults the intelligence of even the least discerning buyer. The movie itself is a perfectly decent martial arts romp, which makes the whole mess all the more saddening. Seeing the SF2 movie most likely won't hurt. Rent it if you like the games or want to see some good animated fisticuffs. But heaven forbid you actually pay good money for this crap DVD.