Transformers ≫ Transformers re-issue 06 Megatron

Transformers re-issue 06 Megatron

Transformers re-issue 06 Megatron

Transformers re-issue 06 Megatron

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This is a re-issue of the 1985 Megatron toy. The set includes the Megatron action figure, a collection card set, a Destron Mark seal and a Destron mouse pad. The packaging comes in the form of a book (the same style as the other recently released reissues).

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0007
Customer reviews
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"Very good toy" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on Jun 2, 2004

This is megatron. Anyone who has seen or heard about transformers, has heard this name once or twice.
The decepticon leader. This is a great toy and very nice.
Get this to complete your collection, looks nice next to your re issue optimus prime

"Megatron, Mega Cool!" by Seth (Belgi├ź) on Mar 22, 2004

Jaren ben ik op zoek geweest naar een G1 Megatron en nu heb ik er eindelijk één! Megatron ziet er heel goed uit als pistool/geweer maar als robot ziet hij er toch wat raar uit, persoonlijk vind ik de extra's (mace, zwaard,...) wel leuk maar ze passen er niet zo goed bij. Jammer is ook dat het vizier/kanon wel op z'n arm past maar dat hij z'n arm niet echt kan optillen. In tegenstelling tot andere recensies die ik gelezen heb vind ik wel dat Megatron zeer stevig is.
Conclusie: Megatron is een coole transformer maar als je op zoek bent naar een figuur die op de tekenfilmversie van Megatron lijkt, zoek je toch best nog wat verder.

"The evil villain boss!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Jan 9, 2004

This one re-issue is the only one I have unpacked next to my Convoy re-issue. Mostly because I heard lots of people say that it's the one that should be handled with caution. The figure is held together with only one bolt. So, I thought it's a no-go to try to Transform it. The package is very VERY cool to display aswell.
This one is a must-have for all G1-freaks! If you have Prime, you should get this one too, just because they are the two original leaders.
Grab it while you can, because stocks are running low!
Plus: it has a GREAT price if you compare it with the prices for an original.

Now we need to get Rodimus Prime and Galvatron re-issued to complete the leaders of G1!

"Not the most beautiful TF, but certainly a must have" by Micha Muscus (Netherlands) on Dec 23, 2003

Megatron was one of those Transformers that you had to have, but didn't buy because of his somewhat unusable transformation form (because of his relative size to others) and because he wasn't that cool as in the cartoon. So you waited for prices to drop when suddenly he was out of stock, never to be seen again. So there you where with your Transformer collection without a Megatron.

Well, now you can finally get one again. And it may prove difficult to get him, since they usually are out of stock very quickly and importing them by airmail to some countries will certainly mean that it will be confiscated and that you can pay a 180 euro for breaking the law!! So better not try to get him elsewhere. Get them here and now, before you miss out again.

He comes with some cool extra's and he's great for exposition next to Prime with his yellow battleaxe.