Card captor Sakura ≫ Cardcaptors anime book vol 10 TP

Cardcaptors anime book vol 10 TP

Cardcaptors anime book vol 10 TP

Cardcaptors anime book vol 10 TP

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The end of the road

I'm Sakura Avalon, the Cardcaptor, and my quest is coming to an end. It's been a journey filled with danger and hardship, but I wouldn't exchange the events of the past year for anything. I made some great new friends, I got some awesome magic powers, and I even got to spend some time with Julian (the coolest guy ever!). There's only one more card to catch - the Earthy - and it's a doozy. After that, I'll be the new Master of the Clow cards! Well, that's assuming I pass the Final Judgement. What's that, you ask? I don't know, but it sounds awfully menacing, doesn't it? Wish me luck!

Come along for my greatest challenges in:<UL><LI>Meilin's story<LI>The last card<LI>The Final Judgement</UL>

Product details
Adult Maybe
Department books / Anime comic
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Card captor Sakura
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Action , Magical girl
Product Code PRE-2002092329
Customer reviews
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"The final jugement" by Iris Jansen (Nederland) on May 12, 2004

there are 3 chapters in this animecomic. It is really the same as the anime. If you have seen the cuted anime serie there are a couple of surprises, things tere where not in the serie.
a very nice comic.