Love Hina ≫ Love Hina Action Figure US edition 04 Mitsune Konno

Love Hina Action Figure US edition 04 Mitsune Konno

Love Hina Action Figure US edition 04 Mitsune Konno

Love Hina Action Figure US edition 04 Mitsune Konno

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Imported from Japan! Keitaro, in trying to get into the university of his choice, becomes landlord of his grandmother's all-girl dormitory. There he meets a variety of girls, all who are featured in this line of action figures co-produced by Epoch and Kaiyodo! These articulated figures of the Love Hina girls feature great detail, standing approximately 6" tall, including removable clothing. Featured in this line: Sara MacDougal (Seta's foster daughter - a troublemaker); 7th grader Shinobu Maehara (the cute 13 year-old who is easily flustered by matters of the heart, and hormones); the female lead of the story, Naru Narusegawa (hardcore about her studies, and quick to punch Keitarou); the #1 fox Mitsune Konno (the 20 year-old sake guzzler who teases Keitarou relentlessly); hyper and genki Suu Kaora (a foreign exchange student with a knack for inventions); the sword-carrying, dressed in white gi 16 year-old Motoko Aoyama; and the terribly clumsy amnesia-suffering Mutsumi Otohime!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Kaiyodo-Xebec
Series Love Hina
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code PRE-2002093047D
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"Cute" by Kate Cook (USA) on May 25, 2004

This figure is so cute. She comes with so much stuff as well! I can't wait to get my own. The price is amazing as well!

"Great fun" by els goyens (Belgium) on Apr 16, 2004

This figure comes with a large collection of items such as wine bottles, beer cans, a stereo system and a chair. The figure is very detailed and really does justice to Mitsune's character. Her sexy clothing and seductive wink are very charming.

She is a very flexible figure and can be displayed in various ways. I really love fiddling around with her and putting her in different positions.