Guilty gear X ≫ Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust F

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust F

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust F

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust F

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This is a collection of 3 different 7 cm heigh PVC charater busts from Guilty Gear X. Each character is avilable in 2 different color schemes. Each bust is sold seperatly.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Merchandise
Publisher Banpresto
Series Guilty gear X
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product line Prize Figure
Product Code BPR-GGXZ0006
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Customer reviews
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"Schöne Büste." by Dollchan (Deutschland) on Oct 2, 2006

Ja, diese Mini-Büsten sind wirklich schön. Nur an einigen Stellen etwas unsauber bemalt. Trotzdem sind sie sehr hübsch anzusehen und ihren Preis wert.

"One of the better busts." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Apr 18, 2006

This bust is pretty much the same as the regular, blue version of the Bridget bust. It's one of the better entries in the very hit-and-miss line of Guilty Gear busts. Not a spectacular collectible by any standards, but fairly decent all the same. The figure is fairly simple-looking, but it's a good likeness of the Bridget character with a few nice details here and there. The face, especially, came out very well compared to most of the other bust figures. Like the other figures, the paint job is very unrefined. And like the blue Bridget figure, the pink Bridget doesn't suffer too much from the poor paint job. The garish yellow hair is a bit of an eyesore, but the simple colours don't look too bad for this character. There's just one thing this figure has in common with all other Guilty Gear busts and that really bothers me about it: that awful,rubbery stench it gives off. Put an aerosol next to it if you want to display it anywhere in your home.