Guilty gear X ≫ Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust E

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust E

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust E

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust E

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This is a collection of 3 different 7 cm heigh PVC charater busts from Guilty Gear X. Each character is avilable in 2 different color schemes. Each bust is sold seperatly.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Merchandise
Publisher Banpresto
Series Guilty gear X
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product line Prize Figure
Product Code BPR-GGXZ0005
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Customer reviews
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"Bridget hits the spot... sort of." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Jul 1, 2004

The Guilty Gear bust figures that I've seen range from mediocre to disastrous. So when one comes along that looks merely unspectacular, but not strikingly wrong, it's a relief. Fan favorite Bridget may not be rendered with stunning finesse or intricate detail in this figure, but it's him allright.

The figure is modeled quite nicely. Since Bridget wears a fairly simple costume, there isn't really a lot of room for tiny details if you're just going to depict him from the waist up - and also less room for screwing up. The big cloth that Bridget wears draped over his head hangs pretty much over the entire back of the figure and covers most of the sides, too. Some nice attention to detail went into the collar on the front part of the figure, and even the face looks pretty good. After seeing the bust figures of Dizzy and Ky in the same collection with dreadful, frozen expressions on their faces, it's a pleasure to see a cheeky smile and bright eyes done quite well on the face of the Bridget bust. Only the hair comes off looking a bit cheap, but this is to blame on the paint job rather than the actual modeling.

Ah yes, the paint job. That's where most of the Guilty Gear bust figures really go to pieces. The Bridget figure doesn't really have a tremendous paint job either. Like with the other figures, the paint job looks cheap and thick, the colors are awfully loud, and there is no evidence of any subtle shading work or tasteful colors. It's just a single layer of simple primary colors that've been broadly slapped onto the figure. But Bridget doesn't suffer from this quite as much as other figures, once again because of his fairly simple design. Plain blue and white and very little else is needed here, and that's exactly what you get. Shame about the terrible yellow, though.

It still would've been nice to see a more intricate paint job on this figure. In fact, it's no undue luxury to fine-tune the paint job on a bust figure as much as possible, since a bust figure is really just a piece of plastic meant to look pretty. It's not poseable, has no accessoires, and thus has no other purpose than to look pretty on a collector's shelf. The Bridget bust doesn't look too bad, but it's hardly an arresting collectible that oozes detail and craftsmanship. In fact, the figure's general okay-ness is probably just a fluke on Banpresto's behalf. It manages to look decent in spite of the poor paint job because it just about works with a simple-looking character (that big cloth sure helps - how hard is it to make plain hanging cloth look decent in plastic?). Some little touches are mildly pleasing, such as little bits painted gold and silver. But it doesn't make for a stunning figure, nor can it redeem the altogether disappointing Guilty Gear bust collection as a whole. Fans of Bridget with a bit of pocket money to spare won't be terribly disappointed. But if they've ever seen what Japanese collectibles can be like in capable hands, they won't be very impressed either.