Guilty gear X ≫ Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust C

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust C

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust C

Guilty gear X Bust collection Bust C

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This is a collection of 3 different 7 cm heigh PVC charater busts from Guilty Gear X. Each character is avilable in 2 different color schemes. Each bust is sold seperatly.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Merchandise
Publisher Banpresto
Series Guilty gear X
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product line Prize Figure
Product Code BPR-GGXZ0003
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Customer reviews
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"Anyway I love it ..." by silviarip (España) on Oct 27, 2004

I know it isn't very detailed and not very well painted. but is so cuteee ^^

"Not exactly in awe of she..." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Jun 3, 2004

Ugh. I have some issues with the Guilty Gear bust figures that I've seen so far. But for the Dizzy figure, Banpresto seem to have ladled on a double helping of all that is wrong with these figures in general. The result is a crudely made, cheap-looking chunk of plastic with a downright hideous paint job.

Now, bust figures such as these can only be intended as one thing; display pieces to embellish the shelves of ardent collectors. The whole concept is lost, however, if the figure in question fails to look pretty, or even just nice. And when a figure sorely lacks detail and comes with a paint job that is limited to just some gaudy primary colors, you've got a problem.

Compared to some of the sophisticated, highly detailed little figures that have come out of Japanese Gashapon machines, this thing is an embarassment. Discerning toy collectors are used to being spoilt by highly refined Japanese toys, no matter how small or cheap. If they were shooting for serious collectors with these bust figures (and how could they not?), they've missed by a mile. This thing smacks of cheap plastic - litterally. Get too close and the rubbery fumes assault your nostrils.

Poor Dizzy has an awfully expressionless, silly face in this rendition, and the figure doesn't sport a whole lot of fine details either. It's those retina-searing colors that really bother me, though. The hideously bright green of her left wing, screaming yellow on her ribbons and dull blue of her hair look like they have been crudely splashed onto Dizzy, without the merest hint of shading, highlighting or just plain good taste. Even when viewed from a distance, this figure does not look good. Fortunately for Dizzy fanatics, she's popular enough to have been included in Guilty Gear Gashapon sets several times. Those should provide you with figures that do Dizzy justice (nope, no pun intended - one must draw the line somewhere). Unless you're such a raving Dizzy groupie that you cannot live without every available piece of Dizzy paraphenalia (you know who you are), don't waste your time on this.

"Dizzy-chaan!!" by Soth (Spain) on Feb 21, 2004

From Guilty Gear X fighting videogame comes the final boss, Dizzy in her original costume.
Very nice atention to detail and to the paint job, it's a fairly large figure (about 7 cm only of her bust!).
It's really a must have for the Guilty Gear fan.