Neon Genesis evangelion ≫ Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie The End of Evangelion DVD

Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie The End of Evangelion DVD

Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie The End of Evangelion DVD

Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie The End of Evangelion DVD

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The invasion of Central Dogma commences. In order to protect the Eva pilots from assassination, Asuka is launched in Unit-02. Major Misato, NERV's Operations Chief, desperately tries to persuade Shinji to join the fray, but his reluctance to do so leaves Asuka facing Seele's nine production model Evas alone. Ikari Gendo, NERV's Commander, rushes to begin his program for Human Complementation before Seele gains the upper hand. Old rivalries are resolved, and startling revelations are made as humanity's Final Judgment approaches, but the ultimate fate of mankind rests neither with Seele, nor Gendo, but within the delicate mind of Shinji Ikari. Approximate running time: 90 minutes.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Manga entertainment
Series Neon Genesis evangelion
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Drama , Giant robots
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2002083524
Customer reviews
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"You have to see this if you like the Evangelion series" by Alexi Laiho (Netherlands) on Mar 22, 2006

I think the series ended pretty mindfucked. I mean I did'nt understand anything what was going on, and then suddely everyone was clapping and congratulating Shinji for what he had done. This movie is devided into two parts, one that you can understand and one where you might have to watch it again to understand. I prefer part 1, but that's my opinion. The animations in this movie are very good and the soundtrack is teriffic. It is really hard to miss that Hideaki had a big budget for this movie.

Result: This movie is a must have for every Evangelion fan, not only will you be able to understand the series a bit better, but it just can't stay out of your collection. Also, if you liked the series, try having a look for Death&Rebirth. It's a conclusion of what happend in the series based on the timeline of when what happened. Thsi is what makes Neon Genesis Evangelion complete.

"A must have for Evangelion Fans" by Jim (Deutschland) on Jun 23, 2004

I didn't like the ending fo the TV Series first, but after "End of Evangelion" many things were clear to me.
This movie is an awesome add-on to the normal TV Series. The movie hast two parts: Part one is almost completely easy to understand - but part two is a big nut. Maybe you have to watch it a few times. But that is okay, because you can enjoy this movie everytime you see it (I personally prefer part one ^^')
But, however, this movie is just great. The animations are TOP and the Soundtrack is good as usual! You can see that there was given much money for the production of this movie.

Result: This movie ist a MUST-HAVE for every Evangelion fan. It is just too great to miss it. It is that what evangelion has needed all the time - a version of the ending, that you helps you to understand.

"The true ending to an amazing series." by Daniel Palmer (UK) on Dec 24, 2003

If you were disappointed with the original ending to the series, this movie is for you.

It comes in two parts (Japanese Editiion does, unsure about the US/Europe releases), the first is quite understandable, the second is mind blowing and might take a few viewings to understand. However it's great to watch so you'll watch it over and over even when you do "get it" :).

Maybe not one for the small kids however,as there is a bit of blood and voilence.

"The Best!" by Octo (Nederland) on Nov 11, 2003

The Anime is just amazing. Not only I wached the whole movie drooling but I managed to get a lot of inspiration in the progress. So if you like Anime you wouldn't like to mis this one!