Angel of Darkness ≫ Angel of darkness vol 1 DVD

Angel of darkness vol 1 DVD

Angel of darkness vol 1 DVD

Angel of darkness vol 1 DVD

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Atsuko and Sayaka think they have it made when they were both accepted into the same prestigious women's academy. There, they will be free to explore the intense passion of their relationship, unbounded. But when the mystical bonds imprisoning a hideous ancient evil that feeds on the lust of nubile women are accidentally broken, the two young lovers soon learn they have more to fear than final exams.

The nightmares continue as the college is invaded by a new unspeakable terror. Dr. Shimazaki's students thinks his obsession with plants is a little weird, but they could never imagine just how right they are. When his bu-devouring plants develop an appetite for something far more forbidden, Dr. Shimazaki feeds them a steady diet of sexy female students. One of his pupils discovers his secret nursery of charnel horrors, but can she stop the evil doctor before he ravishes the entire student body? Or will she end up as plant food too?

Heart-stopping terror and unquenchable desires create a mindblowing orgy of sex, sin and violence in Angel of Darkness.

Product details
Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department video / DVD
Publisher Softcel
Series Angel of Darkness
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Horror , Hentai
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2002083516
Customer reviews
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"un classique !" by Taine (France) on Nov 9, 2004

on ne présente plus la série désormais.
elle est ancienne déjà mais c'est une valeur sure et beaucoup d'animes plus récents ne lui arrivent pas à la cheville!
à posseder absolument, pour le desiin, pour la musique, pour le scenar... un must dans l'histoire du hentai!