Transformers ≫ Transformers re-issue 04 Tracks

Transformers re-issue 04 Tracks

Transformers re-issue 04 Tracks

Transformers re-issue 04 Tracks

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The fourth figure in the new line of Transformer re-issues from Takara is the autobot Tracks (1985). Like the first 2 re-issues in this line Tracks will come in a neat display box covered with art by DreamWave. The box will include an information card and a Transformers mini poster.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0005
Customer reviews
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"tracks" by 5faces_of_darkness (Nederland) on Oct 30, 2004

"I've just been waxed, don't I look great?"..and yes indead he looks great in car mode aswell in robot mode.He is the same like the first line production of's a oldtimer transformer YOU must have in your collection!! I had the red variant of tracks ..and always wanted the blue tracks with his red Now U can have him!!! tracks is one of the triple he flies too!!.. great toy!!

"dissapointed" by firefox (België) on May 5, 2004

i got my hopes maybe a bit to high up for tracks, he has a cool car mode, but i'm really dissapointed in the transformation and the movability, he's also smaller then i thought.

Qualitywise i can't say but i do feel he is less good made as other reisues i own. The packaging is cool (same as for all teh bookcases).

not my favorite reissue and not really recommended unless you're a diehard tracks fan,


"Tracks" by R@BID (Nederland) on Apr 19, 2004

Finally my favorite G1 car is reissued!!

It's the first time in years I've seen a mint tracks and boy is it great!
I love the fact he is a triple changer to an extend and he can fly.

He is packed in vehicle mode just like the other reissues and once again he is packed in a bookstyle box which, to me, looks really good.
In vehicle mode he resembles a chevrolet corvette stingray (I think, not 100% sure).
If you flip out his arms and wings and put his launchers on you have a third flying mode. I think it looks wicked and it adds alot to playability.

When you transform him one of the first things you''l notice is that he doesn't really look like his cartoon counterpart, especially in the face. He packs a gun and 2 missile launchers on his shoulders. He can move at the elbows and can spread his arms at the shoulders.

All in all It's an awesome toy with a great vehicle mode that should be in the collection of every TF fanatic!

"Tracks!" by Seth (België) on Mar 22, 2004

Tracks ziet er heel goed uit. Ik vind wel dat hij er beter uitziet in car mode dan in robot mode. Ik zette vanmorgen Tracks op tafel tussen enkele andere speelgoedauto's en mijn vriendin kon niet zeggen welke van die auto's een Transformer was. Dit zegt volgens mij ook al heel veel. (over Tracks, niet over mijn vriendin want da's een slimme!)
Koop hem nu!

Vooruit, wat zit je hier nog te lezen? Klik op die bestelknop!

"Fire it up!!!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Mar 2, 2004

One of the coolest looking autobots in carmode. This is a beauty!!! It actually is bigger then I expected it to be (I don't know the scales, since I don't own the original). Tracks has an alternative mode, which has a vague resemblens to the old MASK-car the leader of that team owned. What I really mean to say is that it actually has a flying mode (Like the red MASK-car had).

Tracks is also an ace looking robot!!! Thumbs up for this release. Be quick, since I've been informes that there are only a few left........