Rave ≫ Rave vol 01 GN

Rave vol 01 GN

Rave vol 01 GN

Rave vol 01 GN

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Sixteen-year-old haru Glory has never left the cozy confines of garage Island. He likes fishing and eating snowcones on the beach - not eaxctly the lifestyle of a hero-in-the-making. Meanwhile, in the wider world, the evil society Demon Card is threatening civilization as we know it. When they come to Garage Island, unleash the dustructive power of the Dark Bring, and start messing with his friends, haru is forced into action. With the help of a transforming sword and his magical guide Plue, haru sets out on the most harrowing quest of his young life: to find the five missing RAVE stones - which hold the key to victory over the Dark Bring - and to kick some major Demon Card butt.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Rave
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Adventure , Action , Magic
Product Code PRE-2002112745
Customer reviews
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"HET debuut van Hiro Mashima!!" by kevin gevers (Netherlands) on Sep 14, 2008

echt een hele leuke manga die lekker weg leest. de prijs valt best mee, en het verhaal is leuk, veel mensen zullen de mangaka wel van Fairy Tail kennen, maar dit is zijn grote debuut verhaal. eerst merk je wel dat het in de begin schoenen staat, maar als je wat delen veder bent wordt het een stuk beter. de tekenstijl lijkt natuurlijk op die van One Piece, wat ik zelf een groot + punt vindt. zeker een goede aanrader

"One of the best manga volume eva created!!" by Mimi (UK) on Sep 17, 2006

Suitable for all readers, the drawings are beautifully done and great story line which continues to grow to 20 volumes +.

I first bought then in Chinese but changed to the English version which is actually cheaper and easier to get hold of. Plus the covers look much nicer ^^

And If you like the manga better yet, you can buy dvd's of the series and if your lucky find figures of the main characters.