Vampire princess Miyu ≫ Vampire princess Miyu vol 3 GN

Vampire princess Miyu vol 3 GN

Vampire princess Miyu vol 3 GN

Vampire princess Miyu vol 3 GN

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With her eternal life of hunting stray Shinma, Vampire Princess Miyu's life gets complicated when old friends and bitter enemies reappear. For with their presence comes a new challenge to Miyu's power: Reiha, ruler of the Third Tier! Reiha thinks little of Miyu's skills and relaxed attitude towards humans. No, the frigid Reiha has no time for pity or friendship. And the return of several embittered Western Shinma, Lemures, and Carlua, seem to make Miyu's life even more difficult in the face of Reiha's icy interference...

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Ironcat
Series Vampire princess Miyu
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code PRE-2002062381
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"Vampire princess Miyu " by WitchAlchemist (Nederland) on Mar 9, 2009

Vampire princess Miyu is a really good oldschool manga. the story is sad though it has some shoujo elements. the oly thing i dident like is that the manga deals with depression in a positive way

"More development for miyu" by miszou (Netherlands) on Nov 27, 2003

This volume introduces some new characters as seen in the tv series and resumes some unfinished business form the new vampire miyu series. This volume is really interesting and makes you hungry for the fourth novel ^_^

If you liked the style and story of the previous ones I shouldn't say more, you just want to have this one ^_^