Wish ≫ Wish vol 01 GN

Wish vol 01 GN

Wish vol 01 GN

Wish vol 01 GN

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When Shuichiro rescues an angel he is granted a single wish. The problem? Shuichiro can't think of any wishes that he couldn't grant himself. Refusing to leave Shuichiro without granting a wish, Amber the angel moves in with the young doctor to help out around the house and wait for a chance to return the favor. Of course, angels aren't the only supernatural beings wandering the Earth. Soon, demons and archangels alike are stopping by Shuichiro's house, making things difficult for his angelic roommate!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Wish
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy
Product Code PRE-2002052299
Customer reviews
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"Kawaii Manga =)" by Chila (Nederland) on Mar 31, 2005

Deze manga is gewoon in 1 woord gezegd kawaii, echte CLAMP fans zullen smullen van deze serie ^^ en het zijn ook niet teveel volumes om deze serie te negeren =)
ookal is deze serie zo kort, toch zit er wel een interessant verhaal in, de art is ook heel mooi, maarja dat verwacht je ook wel van een CLAMP manga =)=P een echte aanrader!!!

"Too short for a decent storyline." by Grace (Nederland) on Jul 3, 2004

The title says it all. Wish is a 4-volume serie and honestly, too short for a decent storyline. But, clamps beautiful style and cute actions make up for that!
Kohaku is just too cute, and the other characters are very funny. It's a little shounen-ai fom time to time, so if that's not your cup of tea...
All in all it's still a very pleasant read, and a must for every CLAMP-fan!

""I will do anything in my power for you."" by Bunny (USA) on Jun 1, 2004

These are the words spoken by Kohaku, an angel who was in trouble and saved by Suichiro. Now Kohaku owes him a wish, the only problem is-What do you wish for when you're the man who has everything?