Lain, Serial Experiments ≫ Lain vol 02 DVD PAL NL/FR

Lain vol 02 DVD PAL NL/FR

Lain vol 02 DVD PAL NL/FR

Lain vol 02 DVD PAL NL/FR

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<UL><LI>Dieu serait-il dans le Wired? telle est la question à laquelle Lain aimerait à présent trouver une réponse. La ligne qui sépare la réalité de la fiction devient de plus en plus floue. Dans sa chambre, Lain se surprend à écouter un masque africain lui conter d'étranges prophéties. Sur le chemin de lécole, elle observe des enfants levant les yeux au ciel et tendant leurs bras vers l'infini. En ville, un homme plutôt bizarre se balade avec un ordinateur dans le dos, à la recherche des Knights. Il aimerait en effet rejoindre le groupe et prà tend par ailleurs qu'il peut effacer la barrière entre les deux mondes... la suite de cette superbe série, qui a séduit des milliers de fans par la complexité de son intrigue et la profondeur de ses personnages, conserve l'ambiance des premiers épisodes, laissant le mystère s'épaissir au fur et à mesure que Lain nous entraîne dans le dédale du monde virtuel.<LI>Bevindt God zich in de Wired? Dat is de vraag waar Lain graag een antwoord op wil. de grens tussen werkelijkheid en fantasie wordt steeds vager. In haar kamer betrapt Lain zich erop dat ze zit te luisteren naar een Afrikaans masker dat vreemde profetieën verkondigt. Op weg naar school ziet ze kinderen die naar de hemel staren en hun armen naar het oneindige uitstrekken. In de stad gaat een nogal vreemde man met een computer op zijn rug op zoek naar de Knights. hij zou zich graag bij de groepering voegen en beweert bovendien dat hij de barrière tussen de twee werelden kan opheffen. het vervolg van deze fantastische reeks, die duizenden fans voor zich heeft gewonnen met z'n ingewikkelde intrige en goed uitgewerkte personages, behoudt de sfeer van de eerste episodes. Het mysterie wordt steeds groter naarmate Lain ons steeds verder meeneemt in de doolhof van de virtuele wereld.</UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Dybex
Series Lain, Serial Experiments
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language French , Japanese , Spanish
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language Dutch , French , Spanish
DVD region 2
Product Code DYN-LSEV1002
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Customer reviews
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"strangely cool" by Mirai (Netherlands) on Feb 27, 2006

I really like Lain. The serie has something creepy. And the best thing is that after seeing the first couple of eppisodes you can't put your finger on it what it is that makes it so creepy ^.^

The animation is brilliant, and same goes to the music. In my oppinion the Japanese dub is much better in place then the other dub, but that's up to you.

Very nice serie to watch!

"Lain keeps you guessing..." by Yordy (Nederland) on Sep 27, 2004

When I first started watching this show, I thought I had missed out on a lot of stuff that was touched upon in a previous installment. But there was no previous installment. Lain purposefully keeps its audience guessing, and it does so for the entire duration of the show.

In my opinion there are two types of shows out there. The ones that like to keep you in the dark about stuf going on in the show, and the ones that take you by the hand and show you everything. Of course there are grey area's and such, but in general this is the case.
The latter kind is all nice and dandy if you just want to relax, and be swept away into a story. But for shows of the first kind you have to be on your toes all the time. And Lain definitely falls into this category.

There are some people who do not like these kinds of shows, and they should steer clear of Lain alltogether. This show WILLl keep you wondering just what the hell is going on. Even the final episode does not explain everything. You will still have lots of unanswered questions to think about, even if you've seen the entire show a few times. But, as far as I'm concerned this is a good thing.

The animation and art of the show is another good aspect. The visuals are a little weird and it will take some time to get into, but it all adds to the atmosphere of the show.

The sound is also very nicely done. The music is atmospheric and suits the onscreen events well. The voice acting is great, but do NOT, I repeat DO NOT switch to the English Dub. It ruins the entire experience.

The story is brilliant, and told at the right pacing. For a brief summary, check out the Archonia summary above.

Overall, it's obvious that a lot of effort was put into this show, and it pays off. Nuff said.
So, if you like to watch intelligent, creepy, sometimes very confusing shows, with gorgeous animation and a wonderfull soundtrack, you should definitely pick up this one. If you do not, see if you can't rent it or borrow it, just to give it a try. You will be instantly converted...

Rating: 9.5 out of 10 (5 stars isn't as accurate, so..)