Final fantasy ≫ FF7 Vincent Valentine resin statue

FF7 Vincent Valentine resin statue

FF7 Vincent Valentine resin statue

FF7 Vincent Valentine resin statue

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Imported from Japan! From the seventh edition of the Final Fantasy video game, Vincent is a strong fighter with the ability to transform into several creatures. Beneath Vincent's fearsome and frightening exterior lies a good and tortured soul. Sculpted by Tsunehisa Namimatsu, this 1/8 scale resin statue stands 10" tall. Comes painted and ready to display.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Models
Publisher Kotobukiya
Series Final fantasy
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Fantasy , Adventure
Product Code PRE-2003123475
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Customer reviews
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"beautifull!" by Takashi ... (Nederland) on Aug 2, 2008

it's a beautifull statue, a bit bigger then the play arts series. it was totally worth the money, you won't find it as cheap as it is here anywhere else! so buy it XD.

oh and becarefull while getting it out of the plastic, a finger may break off, but further, its an awesome statue, very detailed, and packed very good just to keep it in one piece.

"Like it!" by Vincent Locksmore (Germany) on Mar 16, 2008

I'm really, really satisfied with this statue. I've seen Vincent in other shops for prices such as 70 or even 130 Euros... compared to these, this one is very cheap, but worth every Euro.
I like his hair a lot and the buckles are manufactured very precisely. Even the way his clothes moves is realistiv in every way and I like the color of his cloak very much for other models possess a rather bright red, which reminds me too much a comic.
Very few details could have been better such as hands or weapon (I would've been happy to find his Cerberus gun as well...), but on the whole: Worth its price!

"Nice price!" by Ying (Sweden) on Aug 27, 2007

A very affordable statue of Vincent Valentine from FF7.
Nice details accept for the gun in his left hand that I think could have had more details. The face isen't great but at least it looks like him!
Indeed a very heavy figure!

Recommended for FF7 fans!

"Very big and beautiful statue of Vincent Valentine!" by Tennak (Denmark) on Jun 28, 2007

This is a resin figure which means that there are no movable parts and he must be displayed as seen here.
He is 24 cm's tall and very heavy!
He fits nicely on the base and is well secured, but fragile in the sense that this type of figure will break if dropped.
He looks just right., is beautifully sculpted and painted without any flaws!
A real quality product!

I will really recommend this and if you're a FF fan you can easily change the rating to 5 stars!

"Top Statue." by Dollchan (Deutschland) on Feb 9, 2007

Ich bin jetzt richtig froh, diese Statue zu besitzen. Es ist zwar nur die Neuauflage aber sie hat mich überzeugt. Die Verarbeitung ist echt klasse, der Gesichtsausdruck, die Augen, die Bemalung alles super gelungen. Ich bin echt zufrieden. Die Figur ist ein echt edles Stück. Und Vincent wird ja immer beliebter. Für Final Fantasy VII (7) Fans genau das Richtige!

"FFVII's Vincent is getting his own game for a reason" by Remco van Wingerden (Nederland) on Aug 22, 2006

Vincent is getting his own game soon: Dirge of Cerberus. And that's just because he's cool. Look at this statue, it's incredibly detailed and it's wonderful if you put it in a nice collection with Cloud, Tifa, Aeris and Yuffie.