Transformers ≫ Transformers re-issue 02 Prowl

Transformers re-issue 02 Prowl

Transformers re-issue 02 Prowl

Transformers re-issue 02 Prowl

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This is a re-issue from the 1984 release. The re-issue figure comes in a nice display box that features Dreamwave art of Prowl. The box also includes a character booklet. This is very nice addition to any Transformers collection. Especially for those who missed out on the 1984 release.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0002
Customer reviews
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"relly good" by silverbolt (UK) on Feb 15, 2007

this transformer is relly good nice box art and i love the charecter booklet and i missed the toy when it first came out. this is a must have for any transformer fan

"PROWL" by Alain (Nederland) on Oct 23, 2006

Leuke transformer voor weinig geld. Jammer dat archonia niet een re-stock heeft van de overige reissues.

"1 word...FANTASTIC......!!!!!" by sel (Netherlands) on Jul 12, 2006

Everywhere sold out.....take this chance to get it for this price......i am hapy that i finally got this item for this price.....

A Must have for Transformers Fans.

Good quality product not like the misserable USA reissue.
Good old fashioned Japan transformer.

"Autobot Prowl" by skyfire (Nederland) on May 10, 2006

Prowl is een van de leukere G1 modellen, zijn alt mode is een klassieke amerikaanse politiewagen die enkelen wel uit oudere films zullen herkennen.
Deze heruitgave van takara verschilt op sommige punten met het origineel, met name dor de kleur van de wapens en de kwaliteit van het materiaal.
De transformatie verloopt redelijk soepel, al zijn de voeten wat lastig uit elkaar te krijgen.
Verder is het niet zo'n grote bot (een kop groter dan powerglide), maar voor de echte en nieuwe fan is hij een must-have.

"Prowl aanrader" by Guyver (Nederland) on Mar 1, 2006

Takara reissue prowl een mooi exemplaar om te hebben in je verzameling. Deze versie heeft chromen wapens en niet zoals de hasbro versie zwarte wapens. Verder is het prachtig exemplaar om in je bezit te hebben. De prijs is echt een koopje gewoon want waar vind je nou een prowl nieuw in doos voor zo'n bedrag. Dit is een aanrader voor iedere verzamelaar van transformers.

"WOW ...!!Prowl" by 5faces_of_darkness (Nederland) on Oct 30, 2004

Here it is ..Prowl!! the reissue..takara toy line. So that means,quality toys!!..and it is. Prowl is packed in takara's new collectors box, bookled style look.

I can't say the differance between the reissue or the first production of prowl. Because I don't have the original one :(...butt the reissue I own NOW!! :)..It looks great he comes with 2 rocket launcers, rockets and gun..the paint is good ,although the white paint on the back windowsstyle is less..butt don't worry this reissue is also made with die-cast parts..that stands for quality..longer life and playlife...get him now..reinforce him to your collection for the battle against the decepticons!!..

"Wow.....was all I could say" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Oct 12, 2004

Takara re-issue 02 Prowl is the first one I¿ve bought from this toy line and I¿m very satisfied with what I found in the box!

The reason why I bought Prowl was:
1)Jazz was sold out;
2)I¿ve never owned a Prowl in my life before.

Takara puts alof of effort into their Binaltech Transformers but these re-issues do everything they¿ve already accomplished in the past justice.

Just like all my other reviews I¿m going to break it down into several sections. And first is the box and my general impressions.

General Impression about the box and content:
The box is made from very sturdy cardboard that doesn¿t feel cheap at all. This is truly one of those boxes you have to keep or else the toy won¿t be complete. That much effort has been put into it in my opinion. Also the it doesn¿t take up much space and I think it looks great on any shelf, should you have the space, to put an entire line up behind your toys with these boxes.
The front has a great rendition of him made by Dreamwave. The side is coloured in blue with at the top the same picture of him as on the front.
The back features a short overview with everything the box has to offer, which is:
- Prowl of course
- The two shoulder cannons
- Photon Rifle
- 3 missiles
- ID Card
- Stickers
And another beautiful thing inside the box is that the inside of the box can be used as a display stand. It¿s like a little repair bay or little station where he can go to to recharge or just to store his equipment. It can be completed by folding the sides down and voila! Instant display stand!

The back also shows us which ¿TF World Cards¿ are included under the flap of the box.
And those are:
- Bio¿s of Prowl and Megatron
- Episode listings of random episodes
- A fold out card of the Autobots
- Pictures of the oys of: Soundwave, Megatron, Casettebots, Reflector, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker.

So that¿s the box and the content in a nutshell.

The toy itself is pure delight! In those days it didn¿ matter if your toy was articulated to the point where you could even bend the toes. If it looked show true then it was good enough for the market! And it shows because looking good is the only thing the toy does. Don¿t get me wrong it¿s a beautiful toy but it can¿t do much more besides standing. The good old bricks of the 80¿s gotta love em!
But what I definitely appreciate is that wonderufl thing called: Die Cast¿¿¿
The toy would definitely feel a lot cheaper and a lot less sturdy without the metal in it. And the rubber wheels are the cherry¿s on top of the cake. It also addds to the weight which is a good thing and the overal feel you¿re dealing with a robot.

Transformation is, well, really easy. With the binaltech it took me about half an hour to get everything decently in proper place. Probably due to the fact I was constantly afraid of harming my precious toys. And because of the complexity of the design. But this one has nothing like that and that¿s something I can appreciate. Despite the collector¿s feel to it it¿s still a toy like any else. And it should be playable and that is exactly what these re-issues are. They¿re playable, look good and are must haves!

Robot mode is really fun and resembles his cartoon counterpart very satisfying. The only thing these toys don¿t have is articulation. They¿re made like plastic-metal bricks that look good. Only thing that can move are the arms and luckily the joints are solid enough to hold up his gun which is a relief. The thing that finishes his look are the shoulder cannons. They look awesome! I also like it that they¿ve added a spare missile should you play a little too much with it.

There you have it, my first Takara re-issue and I didn¿t regret it one for second! It¿s beautiful, reminds me of lost times and the package is a keeper too!

Really I wasn¿t this excited about a Transformer as I was with 20th Anniversary Convoy. And that says a lot in my opinion. These re-issues are worth their money and I¿m definitely buying more!

"Excellent" by twistedpaul (Netherlands) on Sep 28, 2004

Takara hit home with this re-issue of one of the most popular G1 Autobots next to Optimus Prime and Jazz. Contrary to what most people think, the re-issue's quality is just fine. The lines in the robot's face have *some* fading, but not nearly as much a s people would like you to believe. I have seen vintage specimens with worse problems over the years. I'm not trying to reach the Hasbro/Takara gospel to you, but they've just done very little wrong with the re-ssues. The worst offender was Jazz's 'mismolded' face-- but that has been reconstructed to full former glory with Stepper/Ricochet recently.

The stickers have been redesigned and cleaned up, the transformation is smooth ( an improvement over the original's extremely tight transformation-- which caused the toys to wear down quite a bit faster than these rereleases, I think), and overall this version of Prowl looks the business.

Recommended over a vintage specimen anyday, I says.

"Prowl" by Seth (België) on Apr 22, 2004

Ik had Prowl bijna gemist omdat ik Archonia net te laat ontdekt heb maar nu dankzij het herstockeren heb ik er toch een.
Smokescreen had ik ondertussen al en ondanks het feit dat het (behalve de kleuren) dezelfde transformer is, is Prowl zeker de moeite waard. Ik hoop wel dat ze nu nog even wachten om Bluestreak en/of Silverstreak opnieuw uit te brengen omdat dat volgens mij toch een beetje teveel van 't goede zou zijn.

"Prowl rocks!" by Wheeljack83 (Belgien) on Jan 13, 2004

Great Design, lot of Details, and very posabily arms. And, of course, it's Prowl ;) Highly recommended!
The Only Thing I don't like are tese many stickers. Some of them don't stay where the should be, but you can replace them easely with a little bit of paint. H

"great toy" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on Nov 6, 2003

Some might say re-issues are not the best toys, well if you ask me, these re-issues are a gift from heaven. I never did have every familiar transformer when I was young, and these re-issues are the solution. Maybe not as good as the originals, but hey, the original cost much more than this.

So go and pick up this prowl and play with it or put it on display. This one is not to be missed.