Transformers ≫ Transformers re-issue 01 Jazz

Transformers re-issue 01 Jazz

Transformers re-issue 01 Jazz

Transformers re-issue 01 Jazz

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This is a re-issue from the 1984 release. The re-issue figure comes in a nice display box that features Dreamwave art of Jazz. The box also includes a character booklet. This is very nice addition to any Transformers collection. Especially for those who missed out on the 1984 release.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Figures and Collectibles / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0001
Customer reviews
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"Jazz a.k.a meister" by 5faces_of_darkness (Nederland) on Oct 30, 2004

The reisse no #1..Jazz is one of my favorites.because there's only one Porscheun the TF scene"JAZZ" !!..If U have the original Jazzboxed in your collection,then U must have also this collecters Item..Jazz is packed in a bookled comes with several innerstyle cards..wanna know what kind of cards??..and mini poster??? ..Buy yours today!!

"Jazz" by Gladiat0r (Portugal) on Oct 20, 2004

The Re-Issue #01 is Jazz, it\'s a great toy in a great dreamwave bookbox style, exelente for collection....and this is a great time to re-start (or start) your transformers G1 collection with Takara Transformers Collection.
Don\'t Miss the next one :).

"Great toy" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on Jun 2, 2004

This re issue jazz is one for eveyone. It looks great and hasnt lost any of his sparkling character. He is a great toy and perfect for both the collecters( MIB) and the kids/ grown ups who want to play with it and transform it and show it in either car or robot mode. Anywa you want, its a very good toy which everyone should have/ get.

"meister" by R@BID (Nederland) on Apr 19, 2004

One of the most populair autobot cars from the original series.
The meister AKA jazz mold was originaly used in takara's diaclone series and so it is a damn old toy actually.
It is the first bookstyle reissue by takara, and the first time we've seen it since the G2 version.

I was lucky enough to get the second version of meister which didn't have all the floppy joints.

In vehicle mode he is supposed to resemble a porche 911 and he does a damn good job at it!
The transformation isn't really difficult just like othere G1 robots.
When in bot mode he has a handgun and a rocketlauncher on his shoulder. I totally love his robotmode, because the whole hood becomes chest thing really appeals to me.

All in all it's a really nice reissue and should be in everyone's collection!!

"Jazz still is an amazing piece of toy engineering." by twistedpaul (Netherlands) on Jan 11, 2004

When first released, the re-issue got a lot of negative criticism because of some of the mold issues. Mind you, the later G1 releases also had these 'probems', and the roof issue has been fixed in the 2nd edition of this re-issue (and the US edition).
Now I own the second edition (thanks Archonia!!). The face really doesn't look that bad when you actually have the toy in your hands, and the joints aren't loose- the transformation is smooth and fluent, which is certainly better than the insanely tight joints most vintage G1 toys had.

Bottom line: if you don't have a G1 Jazz, or want to replace your current one: go for it. You'll get a minty fresh G1 Jazz just begging to be transformed and have its stickers applied. T