Inuyasha ≫ Inu Yasha manga 23

Inu Yasha manga 23

Inu Yasha manga 23

Inu Yasha manga 23

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Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Shogakukan
Series Inuyasha
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code SHO-IYAT0023
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"Inuyasha manga #23 in Japanese" by Togepi (Nederland) on Dec 5, 2007

Text on back cover:

As you can read in the back cover text, Rin meets Kohaku. Kohaku is still in Naraku¿s possession and he has to guard Rin who had been `kidnapped¿ from Sesshoumaru. The Inuyasha-group also meets Rin for the first time and wonders why she¿s walking around with Sesshoumaru. Rin is very cute in all the pictures and it¿s interesting to see Sesshoumaru¿s reactions to Naraku¿s actions.
Next is a short `break¿ story, where Kagome goes back to the future to study. This is followed by a short story (in a few chapters) with Kouga. The book ends with the first half of a story that will be continued in the next volume, about a castle with demon-heads (not full bodies). This story is interesting enough to make you want to read the next volume ¿ why can¿t the Tessaiga cut through those demon-heads?

"leuk" by nono (Nederland) on Jan 10, 2007

het is echt zo cool