Akira ≫ Akira Special edition DVD Dutch

Akira Special edition DVD Dutch

Akira Special edition DVD Dutch

Akira Special edition DVD Dutch

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2019. 30 jaar na WO III, Neo Tokyo dreigt wederom een zware klap te krijgen als men Akira's krachten niet onder controle krijgt. Niet iedereen gelooft echter in deze halfgod. Voor het wetenschappelijk onderzoek van de regering wordt een biker opgepakt, die al snel hallucinaties en telekinetische krachten krijgt. Zijn vriende willen hem bevrijden. <UL><LI>Making of<LI>More than 80 production stills<LI>Theatrical trailers<LI>Biograph of the director Katsuhiro Otomo<LI>Character files<LI>Synopsis of the film<LI>Interview with the director, Katsuhiro Otomo<LI>Film credits<LI>Production notes<LI>Directors statement</UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher A-Video
Series Akira
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language Dutch
DVD region 2
Product Code AVI-AKIV0002
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"Juweeltje" by Wesz (Nederland) on Apr 6, 2008

Akira is een film die je meteen pakt en je pas een week later loslaat. Met je hersens zit je nog de hele tijd bij die film. Althans dat was bij mij zo... en dat komt niet vaak voor!

"Een dubbele must!" by Betelgeuse (Nederland) on Aug 30, 2007


Dat is omdat:

1. deze Limited Edition goedkoper is zowel als de film en extra info erover heeft . (Of nu wel of niet die film er in zit zat ik eerst echt even te twijfelen, maar nu na aankoop weet ik het zeker!)

2. deze film uit 1988 een echte klassieker is,goede kwaliteit van tekenwerk (zeker voor toen) en verhaal.

"Meester werk" by Nova (Nederland) on Aug 1, 2007

Akira... tsja dit meester werk moet gewoon iedereen hebben,
geweldige animatie geweldige karakters, geweldige vibe

en op dvd is het ook nog dual -audio het bevat de originele japans gesproken versie. hoewel ik meestal de engels gesproken versie prefereer ( ik versta nu eenmaal geen japans dus ik ga ook niet net als of doen dat ik het wel versta niet als zovele animé fans die zeggen dat ze de jappanse versie beter is en er zelf geen snars van verstaan ;) )
maar anyway... deze keer vind ik dat zelf ook het geval aangezien ze deze nieuwe engelse versie op nieuw hebben ingesproken, de eerste uitgave van akira in het engels die hier toen dertijd op video werd uit gebracht was de gesproken engelse kast echt perfect die stemmen waren gewoon voor de karakters gemaakt zo perfect paste het... dat is bij deze nieuwe gesproken versie niet het geval dus als je de video van akira op de kop kunt tikken gewoon doen het zal je bevallen als je van goed stem acteer werk houdt.. ookal hebben ze het niet direct vertasld zoals op de nieuwe in gesproken versie maar dan is ie nog beter op video qua mijn gevoel dan ;)

AKIRA is een must!
voor iedereen nieuw op animé of veteraan

"awsome anime" by shadow969 (USA) on Jun 19, 2007

it about a gang of kids how are all close friends until one of there friends has and accident on the old highway and he gets hulled away by this organization and given strange powers
now i rented this anime at first it went slow but as i got into the anime everything started making sense and there was alot of action it a very awesome anime and a must see. 5/5

"Edición especial" by solid (España) on Nov 4, 2006

Edición especial de una de las mejores películas de animación de todos los tiempos.

Situada en el año 2019 en la ciudad de NEO-TOKIO, nos cuenta una historia de ciencia ficción.

Recomendable a cualquiera que le gusten las películas de ciencia ficción o a los que quieran pasar un buen rato.

Esta versión incluye nuevos extras muy buenos.

"Everything Falls Down" by ptitlouis (Belgique) on Nov 5, 2005

Akira is most frequently designated as one of the seminal anime films, like 'Ghost in the Shell,' which have done much to define the potential of the Japanese genre. By the making of this film, 'Akira' was already as very popular manga (by Katsuhiro Otomo). Its theme is one that recurs frequently in anime, the good and the bad of human 'evolution.'
Neo Tokyo is Tokyo reborn on the ashes of the devastation of the next world war. Set in 2019, the city is already large, crowded, and apparently thriving. Yet, as you look at the details of this superbly animated film, it becomes obvious that something is seriously wrong. Discontent has fueled a rising level of social violent, motorcycle gangs make war on the streets, and if one listens carefully, one hears rumors about 'Akira, a savior who wields tremendous powers.

Kanada and Tetsuo are bike gangers, friends since childhood. When a conflict with the clown gang turns ultra-rough, Tetsuo is injured, just as the appearance of a child-like stranger brings the army down on everyone. Tetsuo is carted off to a secret facility where the 'examinations' trigger the development of mental powers. Enraged by years of powerlessness, and fury at his captors Tetsuo uses his powers to search for Akira, leaving a massive trail of destruction through Neo Tokyo.

Kanada, the authorities, and a mysterious group of children struggle to prevent the impending apocalypse, but it is clear from the beginning that nothing will be left unchanged in a demonstration of the risks of granting powers to those who are not ready for them

'Akira' is an example of the power of animation, so finely grained that, wherever the eye rests, there is something to consider. While it still relies on non-stop action to carry it through, the characters, drawn from the dark side of the city are equally vivid. Typical of anime, the film drops the viewer into a whirlwind with little or no preparation, but I don't really think the plot of the film is particularly hard to understand. One simply needs to ride with the action, and things gradually become clear.

"The movie that started it all" by NeoFrostbite (Nederland) on Apr 30, 2004

Akira is the reason why anime become popular in the west. The story is about a young biker named Kaneda and his accompanying biker gang who struggle with other hostile biker gangs in Neo Tokyo, A.D 2019, 31 years after world war III.
Due to a mysterious accident, a close friend of Kaneda, named Tetsuo, get's caught up in a government project that involves children with psychic powers. The movie concentrates on Kaneda who is trying to save his friend and Tetsuo who has become obsessed with his powers.

Although the movie was originally released in 1988, it's still one of the better looking movies to this day. Highly detailed images combined with lush colors and fluid animation is what makes this movie more than pleasant to the eye.

The soundtrack itself is a pleasure to listen to and the voice acting is done very good aswell. And after you've finished watching the movie, the bonus disk with tons of extra's will keep you busy for another couple of hours.

Akira is not without it's flaws though. If you want the full experience you should read the manga since they had to cut away a lot to fit the story in a 2 hour movie.

Other than that, recommended to all anime-fans.

"post apocalyptic anime" by Lodoss (Netherlands) on Mar 28, 2004

This movie about Neo-Tokyo and it's inhabitants is graphically speaking a masterpiece. The story focusses around Kaneda and his motorcycle-gang, and the government which are trying to gain controll over Tetsuo, a friend of Keneda's. I must say that without reading the comics this movie may be a bit difficult to see. The different storylines and complots are sometimes a bit chaotic so you really need to pay attention. But with that in mind this movie is well worth seeing.

"The legendary movie" by hushpuppy (Belgium) on Nov 18, 2003

Or so everyone calls it like that. But it doesn't go in my collection as my most precious anime item. I saw this anime a long time ago and I wasn't impressed then and I'm not now. Not that I think it's a bad movie certainly not! But Akira is just overrated. I mean the story is great, animation still looks for todays standards very charming but I just don't see why all the hype about it.

I assume everyone knows the story so I'll just give my comments on it right away. Tetsuo is quite an interesting character he's obvious the punching bag of the group but still you don't think of him like a little whiner or a helpless baby. Certainly not because he proves that numerous times like even going after The Clowns on that poor poor bike of his in the beginning or when stealing Kaneda's bike. I also like that they showed how Kaneda and Tetsuo became friends. That certainly made you look at those two with different eyes because when you look at the movie you have the urgze to think that Tetsuo is just someone who just went along with the group and followed it because he had nothing else. Well it's true he hasn't got anything else but he didn't tag along when he met them. In fact he's probably with since the starting of that group. What I also like about the story is how they portrayed Neo Tokyo. I think when we go 250 years further (if the earth still exists) we would see the same scenery as in the anime. It has alot of atmosphere in it that some of the best animes from today can't compare with. I admit on that area Akira is king.

The DVD release itself is very satisfying with 2 discs full of goodies! The making of is very good and very informative. Although they should put some extra's from the international release on it.

Nonetheless a very satisfying DVD release. But only a must have if you're a fan of Akira or anime in general. I'd recommend other movies for newbies.