Guyver, Bio Booster Armor ≫ Guyver vol 1-3 DVD Dutch

Guyver vol 1-3 DVD Dutch

Guyver vol 1-3 DVD Dutch

Guyver vol 1-3 DVD Dutch

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De Guyver is het ultieme op het gebied van wapens. Het is een mysterious mechanisme van buitenaards ontwerp dat, wanneer het geactiveerd wordt, mensen in supermachtige strijders verandert.

The Guyver 1: Genesis of the Guyver
Guyver-eenheden worden gestolen van de enigmatische Chronos corporatie in Japan. Guyver 1 wordt per ongeluk gevonden en geactiveerd door de scholier Sho Fukamachi.

The Guyver 2: Battle of the Guyvers
Vastberaden om de gestolen Guyvers te vinden stuurt Chronos een agent om Sho te ontvoeren, Wanneer de agent tegen zijn wil in Guyver 2 wordt veranderd, heeft Sho geen keus behalve zelf weer de guyver op te roepen.

The Guyver 3: Mysterious Shadow
Sho's vriendin wordt ontvoerd om als lokaas te dienen in een wanhopige poging om de Guyver te vangen.<UL><LI>4: 3 full frame<LI>DVD 5 format<LI>76 minutes</UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher A-Video
Series Guyver, Bio Booster Armor
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language Dutch
DVD region 2
Product Code AVI-BBGV0001
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"how he become the guyver ?" by Jun (Nederland) on Mar 5, 2005

if you wanna watch this its super cool the first 3 series
how he become the guyver i think here one archonia they have episode 4,5,6 this is the one you must buy after you watched these episodes 1,2,3 .you just wanna know how he will defeat that super strong rival that is a guyver too in episode 4,5,6

guyver is old but good story the drawings are pretty good

"Bio Booster Armor Guyver" by hushpuppy (Belgium) on Nov 7, 2003

I'm really fond on the design of the The Guyver. The combination of mecha and a life form does its magic right. The story is appealing, the characters are easy to get loved by, the fights are interesting though sometimes a bit lesser drawn in my opinion. The only real thing I hate is that the show stops after 12 episodes!

I already saw the dubbed eps once on tape and when I read on the back it ahd the original japanese laguage I was thrilled to finally see one of my favorite shows in it's original form. But I had mixed feeligns with this release.

First off al like with many Afilm releases the only language you can choose is the Japanese one. I prefer subbed myself but I also like the dubbed version of this show. The voice acting in it wasn't that bad at all (most of the times). But what me really bothered me was that the subbing was so utterly lazy done. Sometimes sentences or words don't get subtitled and I also think they just took the English version and put the translation beneath it.... Some things were different but overal looked at it's pretty much the same to me.

The image quality itself was really good. It was a feast to my senses to see The Guyver come to life on DVD. There are no real visible pixels or print damage or compression errors. Ok maybe there are a few times the image gets less but that would be nit picking and if you're not satisfied with this image quality then I'd suggest you buy import DVD if you can get your hands on it.

The eps in content are fantastic! The birth of The Guyver is very memorable and episode 2 is really great to look at. The eps definitely make you scream out for more. At least my friend did when I showed him the episodes. {;-)

Not a bad anime, not at all but there are better ones out there. A good middle class fighter. Nothing more but certainly nothing less! Definitely worth the money.