Pulp ≫ Pulp vol 6: 7 July 2002

Pulp vol 6: 7 July 2002

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Pulp vol 6: 7 July 2002

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The only true adult-oriented manga magazine in America! This issue's cover feature is Junko Mizuno's Cinderalla, including a new interview with the artist! Also in this issue: Banana Fish: It's shmears vs. natto as Ash and Eiji resume domesticity. Meanwhile, thirteen members of Arthur's organization have developed quarter-sized holes in their heads; Cinderalla: The grand finale! And they all lived happily ever after (of course)!; Dance Till Tomorrow: The sensitive yakuza and patron of the arts returns to Suekichi's life, wanting his gun back and the theater troupe's aid in disguising his appearance; Short Cuts: Ko-gals meet a bear in the woods, the Adventures of Candy, and what to do with long eyelashes; Uzumaki: The penultimate episode, "The Labyrinth!" It's the end of days as all of Kurôzu-cho twists into a gigantic spiral labyrinth. How will our heroes Kirie and Shuichi get out of this one... or will they? Squarebound.

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Adult All ages
Department Books / Magazine
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Pulp
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code PRE-2002042574
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