Love Hina ≫ Love Hina vol 02 GN

Love Hina vol 02 GN

Love Hina vol 02 GN

Love Hina vol 02 GN

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Bumbling keitaro Urashima is finally getting used to being the landlord of a romp-filled, all-girls dorm. Although academically challenged, Keitaro is determined to pass his impending collecge entrance exam. Passing means he'll finally get into the prestigious Tokyo University with the girl of his dreams, Naru Narusegawa. Failure means humiliation - and moving back home. With the bright and beautiful Naru as his tutor, he might just stand a chance at success - as long as he can keep his mind on his studies and off his tutor.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Love Hina
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Romance , Harem , Ecchi
Product Code PRE-2002032423
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Customer reviews
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"as good as the first one^^" by ElenoreLoretje (Belgium) on Oct 26, 2008

Oh boy, things are heaitng up XD
Keitaro has a hazy suspicion that Naru was the girl from when they were young, but I'm not all that sure ;)


"Even better than the first volume" by Muffistic (Belgi├ź) on Jan 3, 2008

This one was funnier than the previous one. They add a character (great one!) and the story goes on. I really like the relationship between the new character and motoko ^_^

"You will be laughing your ass off." by Takarimon (Nederland) on Oct 31, 2006

Real comedy mixed with fine art and nice characters make this series my favorite.

Volume 2 continues where 1 left off.

"good ^_^" by LizzL (Netherlands) on Sep 24, 2006

I thought this volume was even better than the first one.
It keeps getting better and better =D
This is more about keitaro getting problems and stuff, and vol 1 was more about keitaro getting there and that.
So I like this one better =)

"Bad" by Mazojedi (Finland) on Mar 12, 2006

This is not so good as love hina vol 1 or Negima...I didn't like it and sell all my love hina's :(

"Zeer hilarious^^" by Uzimaki (Netherlands) on Nov 19, 2005

Weer een zeer mooie manga van Ken Akamatsu, hij is echt geweldig^^ Love Hina is zijn best verkochte manga ooit met zeer veel humor en fan-service^^.

Zeer grote aanrader!

"echt geweldig ^^" by C.H.C. (Nederland) on Aug 9, 2005

ik heb de anime al uit gekeken en de OVA's en ben bezig met de manga's het is echt een geweldige serie en het is erg grappig. De verhaal is echt goed en de stijl hoe het is getekend is erg goed=) Het is een echte aanradder en zeker geen miskoop!!

"Manga deel 2, van Love Hina!" by _Lizzie_McMirte_ (Nederland) on May 21, 2005

Ik vond dit echt een leuke. Vooral omdat het begint met mijn favo personage uit Love Hina, Kaolla. Er zijn weer aardig wat hoofdstukken, en het is gewoon leuk om door te lezen! Ik heb zelf 1-5, maar ik ben aan het sparen voor de rest. Dit is echt een aanrader!