Macross ≫ Macross Plus vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

Macross Plus vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

Macross Plus vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

Macross Plus vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

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The conclusion of the stunning Macross Plus series!

Angered by the news that the Stealth Valkyrie trials have been abruptly stopped, Isamu and Yang head toward Earth to get even with the pilot-less Valkyrie, &quotGhost X-9.&quot Guld, also hearing the same news goes after them for a final battle. The two fighters clash amidst interceptor missiles being fired from Earth. During this fight to the death, Guld recalls the fateful event that had been sealed in his memory.

Meanwhile, in Macross City, Sharon Apple absobs Myung's thoughts and twists them in a terrifying fashion. She now has full control over the city as well as the minds of its citizens. Sharon sends the &quotGhost X-9&quot after Isamu and Guld.

Can Myung stop Sharon before it's too late? Find out in theis dramatic climax to the highly acclaimed Macross Plus series.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Manga entertainment
Series Macross
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language English
Subtitle language English
Product Code MAN-MTRV0010
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