Angelic layer ≫ Angelic layer vol 01 GN

Angelic layer vol 01 GN

Angelic layer vol 01 GN

Angelic layer vol 01 GN

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In the distant future, the most popular sport in Japan is Angelic Layer. Contestants use fighting dolls that they hatch and raise from eggs, called "Angels," and battle them in an arena. 12-year-old Misaki has entered the tournament with her doll Hikaru, and together they plan to take the sport by storm!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Angelic layer
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Science Fiction , Action
Product Code PRE-2002032418
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"Indeed a good serie!" by Hikariri (Nederland) on Mar 27, 2008

The combat is how it should be, fast, with deeper things to think about other than hitting and kicking, like gravity and stuff. The professor is really funny too, Angelic Layer is a must-have for CLAMP-collectors!

"cool!" by Shugo (Netherlands) on Oct 14, 2007

i read it the profesor who teaches her Angelic layer is funny Hikaru`s design reminds me of Rockman.EXE from the Rockman.EXE series

"Cute" by Tasz (Netherlands) on Mar 2, 2005

I reall liked the anime so I thought ... why not try the manga :) and its just as cute :D I really like Angelic Layer ^^ and all anime/manga fan should have this in his collection ... anime AND manga :D

"Nice Manga," by Chila (Nederland) on Dec 16, 2004

It's a nice manga, again a great hit from CLAMP, i prefer the anime but the manga is also good =), it's all about a 12 year old girl Suzuhara Misaki, she's nice and make friends easily, she is meeting Angelic Layer if she comes from the station in Tokyo after she walked it out, she sees a big screen with fighting "people" on it, later it seems to be angels, of course Misaki want one! she make a angel named "Hikaru" and walk in the world of Angelic Layer.

"Miasaki discovers something that will change her life-the game of Angelic Layer! " by Bunny (USA) on Apr 1, 2004

Fans of CLAMP, here's another great hit to add to your collection! Miasaki moves to Tokyo, and upon her arrival waiting for her aunt to come and pick her up, she sees something on TV. It's two 'people' fighting. She later discovers that they're angels, used in a game called Angelic Layer. With the help of her friends, and a crazy mentor, she starts the game and enters a tournament, and to everyone's surprise, she turns out to be a pro! But when she goes against Pop-Star Ringo and her angel, Lanka, things start to heat up as Lanka pulls out her 'Dance of Death' How's Miasaki going to win if she can't land a punch on her opponent?