Paradise kiss ≫ Paradise kiss vol 01 GN

Paradise kiss vol 01 GN

Paradise kiss vol 01 GN

Paradise kiss vol 01 GN

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Appearances can be deceiving. Yukari's goal in life is to get into a top college. Bit is that all there is to life? When Yukari runs into the avant-garde kids of fledgling clothing label Paradise Kiss, her studious little world gets an extreme makeover! They want her to be their runway idol, and she wants to add some color to her drab life. But can Yukari be a student model while being a model student?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Paradise kiss
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Drama , Romance
Product Code PRE-2004052915
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Customer reviews
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"All about fashion" by riechan (België) on Sep 8, 2007

I have seen this anime and I would recommend this to anyone who loves fashion, adorable clothes and a bit of drama.
The story goes about a girl who bumps into someone from an atelier called Paradise Kiss, they are looking for a model and she is the perfect one to fulfil this job.
But it isn't easy to combine school and modelwork so ...
The charachters are all nicely drawn but i like George the most, he's just sooo cute !!
It's a bit of a pity that Tokyopop hasn't used the original size and pictures of the cover. The frontpicture of the French mangas are a lot more beautiful.
BUT it stays a great manga!! Worth buying !!!

"FASHION in manga" by Peorth (Netherlands) on Aug 14, 2007

ParaKiss is about Yukari a who always studies to please her mom, however she is satisfied with her life until she one day she met George a gifted fashion designer student and his group.....

Knowing the works of Ai Yazawa, ParaKiss contains her trademark of a great story and a lot of cool fashion.
And it is only 5 volumes long, so buying the whole set wont hurt your wallet! ^_____^

"Fabulous! T_T" by seiuchi (Finland) on Mar 10, 2007

I bought this manga for my cousin as a birthday present, and got her hooked on Japanese comics =D. I fell in love with this manga myself too - the drawing style is beautiful and unique and story contains many funny situtations. Best Yazawa's manga I've read, can't wait for her next series.

"where passion and fashion colide!!!!" by Meyoko (Nederland) on Feb 23, 2005

Paradise kiss is one of Yazawa ai's best manga!! The drawings are absoluaty amazing even though you may sometimes wonder if it's really possible for someone to be that tall and skinny.
Even so,it's not bothering me at all and I find the manga very realistic,especially the faces. I like the way Yazawa-san didn't over-use the toning! And sometimes doesn't use any toning at all! wonderfull!!! Yukari becomes the model for Parakiss and gets a relationship with wannabee-Westener George.
The art is very detailed and the story is exciting. The clothes Miwako,Mikako,Arashi,Yukari,George and super cool drag-queen Isabelle wear are all little pieces of art!! If these clothes and other "Happy Berry" items would be for sale in real life, I'd buy as much as my budget would allow....^_^
The Happy Berry line and other fashion times are very inspiring to make your own clothes or jewelery, who wouldn't like to have a sweet Happy berry logo on their bag? Or happy berry earrings?
The story is not childish, it's simply wonderfull. The art is wonderfull, realistic,mature and with -ofcourse- a high fashion quality.
A manga for everyone!! Not just fashion-addicts!
Paradise kiss is very special!!!
It's just too bad they're changing the covers at Tokyopop, I don't understand why they did that, it;s not necassery at all, the old covers are stylish and beautifull!!!

"a realistic manga in a fashion world" by fjuhec (Spain) on Jan 7, 2004

For people who is searching for a good history. Paradise kiss will make you think about your future and your relationship through Yukari.