Love Hina ≫ Love Hina vol 01 GN

Love Hina vol 01 GN

Love Hina vol 01 GN

Love Hina vol 01 GN

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When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he's officially an unemployed and uneducated slacker. To make things worse, his parents have kicked him out of his house. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata Lodge and has agreed to take Keitaro in as caretaker. What he doesn't know is that the lodge is actually a girl's dorm and he's the only guy around! Most guys would kill to live with five sexy ladies, but if Keitaro's not careful, this job will kill him.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Love Hina
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Romance , Harem , Ecchi
Product Code PRE-2002022661
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"fun and sweet " by ElenoreLoretje (Belgium) on Oct 26, 2008

I liked this a lot, yeah okay, it features a lot of naked women XD and all kinds of awkward situations, but it's really funny and a real good manga^^

Read and understand what I mean ;)

"Beetje .... uhh heel pervers xD" by Wesz (Nederland) on May 26, 2008

Love Hina is heel amusant maar alleen als je het kan waarderen dat de hoofdpersoon constant wordt beschuldigt een pervert te zijn. Toch is het erg leuk om te lezen omdat de art erg mooi is en de personages goed zijn uitgewerkt.

"JF approved woohoo" by JF (Belgium) on Jan 6, 2008

I only bought this one recently (due to the amount of titles coming out it was constantly pushed back on my must-buy list). I'm really really glad I finally bought the series. It's better than what I was expecting, the art is top notch, the story is very entertaining and the overall experience after reading a volume is: must-read-the-next-volume ^^. If you're like me and have put off buying it, buy it asap, it's really worth the time and monies ;).

"Good manga but a bit repetitive" by mace (UK) on Jan 2, 2008

I have read Negima! before i read love hina... and i found the two to be similar character wise. But Love hina is defiantly a great manga, but it does get repetitive and there are far too many panty shots even for a red blooded male. The constant 'walking into someones room while there getting changed' or being blasted into a hot tub with naked women does get a bit tiresome. Other than that it is a good laugh and quite a strong read.

"Funniest manga I've read!" by Reiska (Finland) on Dec 31, 2007

Lot's of comedy and cute girls! Good plot and great art. Lot's of fun to read!

"must-have" by Muffistic (België) on Nov 9, 2007

Love Hina is really a must have, it's a good plot, very funny, reads very quickly (so maybe if you want to buy it, buy the 2nd too),... Besides that it is predictable, it's really enjoying to doesn't bother me that it's predictable... Must-have!!

"a must if you a animefan" by Jun (Netherlands) on Oct 11, 2007

the 1 manga book is great because it has even the orginal sketch in last pages of the manga. you can see how many times they draw to came up with a character before they came up with the orginal. too bad in the next series of love hina they dont put sketches. but still a great manga

"Love Hina" by Andries Dekelver (België) on Aug 19, 2007

This one is one of the first anime/mange I ever saw.
I went addicted to it.
teh drawing style + story line is just perfect.
it can be so romantic but agresive .
but he agresive parts are just awesome funny.
this is manga/anime you really need to have as a collecter its worth reading.

"Love Hina" by Kim Poppe (Nederland) on Jun 22, 2007

This was the first manga I bought and I still luv it! The story is fun and it's drawn beautifully. A good manga to start with.

"Great comedy!" by Popcorni (Finland) on Nov 10, 2006

Keitaro Urashima is trying to get into Tokyo University, because when he was a child he'd promised his first crush theyäd meet again there. He doesn't remember anything else about the girl, but he dreams of meeting her again... He's not very good at school so he can't get into the university... Soon he finds himself managing an all-girls dorm. Too bad all the girls think he's just a big perv...

I find this series highly amusing and very entertaining, and it has an interesting plot to boot. When reading the manga you can see the author seems to have a thing for boobs and naked girls, but even if I'm a girl i didn't find it too disturbing. Misunderstandings play a big part in most of the jokes, but I don't think it makes the series any less funny.

"Another great comedy!" by MisterX (Czech. Rep) on Aug 11, 2006

Notoriciously popular manga/anime! Keitaro Urashima tries to go into Tokyo U (Toudai), because he promised it to someone (he dont remember anything, only that she was a girl) in childhood. But things goes wrong (or good?) way, and he is manager of the all-girls dorm (Hinata) in a blink of an eye! But girls thinks he is a dirty pervert.. what do he do? Lets read this great love/ecchi/romantic comedy. i guarantee lots of fun!

"Love Hina GN1" by Kanna (Nederland) on May 5, 2006

If you like comedy....
If you like beautiful girls....
And you like secrets and promises....
Then is this anime/manga serie the one what you must read...

"Love Hina Great Manga" by Donna van Grunsven (Nederland) on Apr 19, 2006

Hahahaha the story is a lot of fun.. There is some eichi in but that's cool.. XD I like naru and the other chara's.. It's a lot of fun when you read this manga ^^

"good" by LizzL (Netherlands) on Mar 6, 2006

I enjoyed reading this manga
It has allot more information in it then in the anime.
So If you liked the love hina anime you should buy this

"Funny" by Mazojedi (Finland) on Dec 29, 2005

This is good manga and i like to read it...Maybe it has too much fanservice :) if you like comedy you should buy this!

"Verslaafde manga" by t-s t (Nederland) on Aug 25, 2005

Ik hield niet van lezen totdat ik Love hina vol 1 had gelezen.In de manga leggen alles beter uit dan op de anime.Toen ik Love Hina las was ik meteen verlaafd.
Ik heb tenmiste veel kijkplezier gehad.

"hilarious!" by digital boy (Nederland) on Aug 17, 2005

Although I knew the title for some time I never really bothered to read it till now, I thought it wasn't really my genre.
But because it's such a popular manga and being recommended a lot I thought ah what the hey it wouldn't hurt if I get me the first copy and discover what the fuss is all about...I'm glad I did cause I laughed my ass off!! (don't read it when you're travelling with public transport cause you'll get a lot of anoyed faces when you start to laugh out loud all the time XD)
can't wait to get my hands on the next one and so on..

"Deel 1 van de manga Love Hina!" by _Lizzie_McMirte_ (Nederland) on May 21, 2005

Ik vond Love Hina erg leuk. Het was geinig, en de reacties van de meisjes waren ook heel erg leuk. Het leuke aan de meisjes vind ik dat ze allemaal een eigen persoonlijkheid hebben.

Ik heb zelf 1 t/m 5, maar ik ben aan het sparen om meer te kopen. Deze manga hoort in iedereen z'n manga collectie thuis! Een echte aanrader dus =)

"Really good comedy/romance manga" by Pinata (Nederland) on May 11, 2005

This is definitely one of the must-buy manga in this world. This got very good characters( Shinobu is adorable :) ), good humor and is a little bit ecchi ;) . I recommed it to anyone who is starting a manga collection or a already have a manga collection. Tokyopop did a good job to translate this to english.

"Very cute" by Naukkis (Finland) on Mar 30, 2005

I first thought that it is too perv for my taste, but when I readed the first volume I just wanted to buy more. It's very cute on it's own way.

"Funny, Sexy and Sweet" by Goom64 (Belgium) on Jan 6, 2005

the introduction sets a good egsample of the sexy and wacky adventures Keitaro & friends will see. But the story is what really keeps you going, between Keitaro and the girl he likes, Naru Narusegawa.
Awesome Manga, with beautifull girls, clever writing and an interesting story.
Don't be turned off by the fact that it is a Romance, I see people of different interests finding theirself in this manga.

Highest recommendation!

"This is one of the greatest manga mede ever!" by C.H.C. (Nederland) on Dec 29, 2004

I recommand this one to everybody. It's funny ans also romantic.If you like action, no problem ! Just leave it to the girls to fight Keitaro or ecen a couple of times wuth each other! So now the qaustion is: what the hell are you waiting for??

"Just great !!" by v0q (Finland) on Dec 17, 2004

Love Hina is just great ! I own 11 volumes of it now and just can't wait to get another volume... I recommend this for almost everyone, especially to those who loved the anime ! Just go and buy it, you will not regret it !

"Great Manga!!" by Rob van Geest (Netherlands) on Nov 27, 2004

Love Hina


Love Hina is a story about a shiro-itten, a boy in a group of girls.
In Japan the manga is a real hit, with skyhigh sellings.

Urashima Keitaro has failed the Entrance exams for Todai
(Tokyo University) twice end because of that he is kicked out of his home by his parents. Keitaro hopes to stay with his grandma who owns an inn. It would save him the rent.
When he arrives at the inn, his grandma is gone and Keitaro discovers on an ecchi way the inn is changed into a girl's dorm :-).
The Girls feel sorry for him, so he can stay in the dorm for a while. But a boy in a house full of sexy girls (one violent, the other psycho)
can't go well forever...
Needless to say, there are countless "accidents" between them.

An important theme in Love hina are the situations when people walk in and see things just at the wrong moment.

Ken Akamatsu sure has a thing with boobs and panties, but it is surely NO hentai. (Although hentai shoujo is his hobby)

The storyline is simple but very entertaining, I first read Love Hina on the internet (fan translation) and after that I just had to buy it.
You may think it is weird to order a manga you already downloaded, but it is worth it! All 14 episodes! (In Japan there are 16 episodes, I'm curious what they are..)

The Artwork in the manga is one of the best I have seen. Ken takes great care in his drawings (Although there are some screw-ups: Naru showering in the hotel, manga 14) It drawed My attention that nearly every drawing is complete with background, also draws with great detail. The only manga I saw such work in was Neon Genesis Evangelion.

If you like commedies and a bit of romance, this is a great manga for you!
It is the best manga I've ever read.


Narusegawa Naru

Naru is a hot(headed) supernerd girl that has spend almost all of her life to get into Tokyo University (Todai). She is the first one to meet Keitaro, in a unpleasant way, that is. Although she is quik with her hands and gives Kei-kun a nearly lethal blow a day, she still shows some affection for him. She has got the looks and the brains, a real dreamwoman for a lot of men, until you know her bad habit to pull an instant execution when you touch or see her on the wrong place, in the wrong clothes.

Urashima Keitaro

He is... well. a complete loser, he has failed to get into Todai a couple of times. And he collects pictures of... himself! The thing that drives him is that he promised a girl in his childhood to go to Todai together. Together with Naru he tries to go through the next selection exams. He has difficulties
to just survive around all those violent girls, but steadily he develops a good relationship with them.

Maehara Shinobu

Shinobu is an ultra-shy, cute girl with a heart of pure gold that just came to Hinata Sou a short while ago. She is a great cook and also takes care of the laundry. When she is exposed to Keitaro's clumsiness, she gets almost
traumatised, but in the end she falls secretly in love with him.

Konno Mitsune

A foxy lady who has no boyfriend, but meddles a lot with love-lifes. Especially those of Naru and Keitaro. She is very fond of alcohol and gambling. I read rumors she is a freelance writor, but I never saw any evidence o that.
In all Hinata Sou it is DEFCON III when she is bored, becouse than she goes. plotting things about mushy stuff... But in the end she is the only one who doesn't get in love with Keitaro, but stays down to Earth.

Kaolla Su

She is psycho! truly. She is a young girl with a great couple of brains. Life in Hinata Sou isn't complete without the strange events triggered by Su's grazy inventions. Su is a princess from an exotic kingdom in the Pacific.
One of her remarkable things is that she changed her room into a jungle from her native country.

Otohime Mutsumi

Ara, ara!Another Psycho girl Mutsumi is a strange girl with good proportions. She is very unhealthy in the beginning (Fainting, getting Naru & keitaro grazy)
Mutsumi gets fond of Keitaro, and often meddels between the two. She often threatens Naru to steal Keitaro.

Aoyama Motoko

An Ultra violent, man hating kendo girl. She is one of the girls that takes care of Keitaro's daily lethal blows.

Other Manga from Ken Akamatsu

A.I Ga Tomaranai (A.I. Love You)
My Santa
Mahou Sensei Negima


Mutsumi often says "Oh my, oh my" This is an translation of "Ara, ara"

In Hinata 39 (Kiss me Sempai!), there is an untranslated piece.
At the point Shinobu thinks she is going to be kissed by Keitaro
(page 124), the translation should be:
Huh, He's
His tongue...
I'm not that ready...
No, stop...
His mouth is smaller than I thought...
And is smells like the sea...

In Hinata 82 (Memories a Blur?!), There is a very bad translation
about fingerpainting and a hat.
Amnesia is Kioku Soushitsu in Japanese.
Mutsumi hears it and thinks it is Kizoku Mouhitsu, a Japanese brush,
that is why she is painting.

In Hinata 122 (about Maeda Ema), Shinobu shows a book Motoko wrote.
The front of the book says: "sword and flower". This is also the name
of the song of Shinobu and Motoko in the anime

The translator did put a few things from the anime in the manga,
like remarks about Moe, the doll in the basement and Naru singing
"I am a dreamer". I think the manga is much better than the anime.

"Beste manga serie" by Rick -!19!- nl (Nederland) on Aug 25, 2004

Mooie serie om hiermee je manga collectie te beginnen! Iedereen met een collectie heeft deze al natuurlijk :P

Fantastisch verhaal over Naru en Keitaro. Keitaro is een aardige jongen die licht uitgedrukt een beetje onhandig is. Naru is echter een soort van super vrouw die iedereen zou willen hebben en ze passen samen perfect bij elkaar. Dat hebben ze zelf alleen nog niet door.

Ik heb alle 14 delen. Dat lijkt misschien veel, maar wanneer je begint met lezen moet je gewoon weten hoe het verhaal af gaat lopen. Zelfs voor de tweede keer lezen blijft het leuk ook al weet je dan hoe het af gaat lopen. Echt een aanrader dus!!

"I love it!" by Hans (Nederland) on Jul 11, 2004

I've seen the anime first, and I must say: I love the characters!

Many recommend me to read the anime too, so I did.. And this is definitely better than the anime!

The animations are much better (many not in volume 1, but it improves a lot during the story) and the manga does have a.. correct story-plot! Read it!

"Great style!" by G. S De Bruijn (Netherlands) on Apr 26, 2004

A serie that was very popular in Japan, it has 14 volumes and a great but simple plot.

Keitaro has flunked his entrance exams and has to move out of his parents house. Then the fun starts, he end up in a girls dorm wich at first is not very aprreciated by the girls.
He will have wild adventures from now on, while studying of course.^^

The artist ken akamatsu is a great artist, you'll notice he has a thing for panty's and boobs, but it's not disturbing.

Definitly a good buy if your in to pretty girls, comedy, romance and crazynis!

"Great serie" by TaMa (Denmark) on Jan 24, 2004

This manga starts really good, and the story goes on nicely.
If your into comedy/romance/ecchi series, then this is a good buy. There is alot of bath scenes but nothing that bothers, also there is some early character designs in the back of the manga.
The manga is in the original right-to-left form.

"Love Hina 4-ever" by Miiu (Finland) on Jan 4, 2004

If you like comedies (but not too crazy comedies) and heart warming romace, this is for you!
You're going to love it.