Planet ladder ≫ Planet ladder vol 01 GN

Planet ladder vol 01 GN

Planet ladder vol 01 GN

Planet ladder vol 01 GN

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Kaguya is a quiet orphan who has lived with a Japanese family since she was a little girl. Another boring high school day becomes the adventure of her life when she's mysteriously transported far, far away to a realm of strangers who call her "Princess." Now, Princess Kaguya must uncover both her true identity and the motives behind the battling warlords who want to claim her. The universe is a battlefield, and the key to peace may be in the hands of one very special girl.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Planet ladder
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2002022658
Customer reviews
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"Planet Ladder Tokyopop vol. 1" by Togepi (Nederland) on Apr 29, 2007

Text on back cover:
I see the tarot cards in my dreams. I turn them over in hopes of finding all the answers - Who am I? Where do I come from? Why are these people after me? But when I turn over the last card, it is always blank. My name is Kaguya. I thought I was an ordinary high-school girl. That is, until a crazy warrior transported me to another planet where people call me princess. Now, the questions in my dream are more urgent than ever. Will I ever get home again... or is -this- my home?

This first volume looks like an 'intro' to the rest of the series. When you read through it quickly, it can be confusing [as my sister said, so I read slowly through it and it was understandable enough.
The prettiness of the drawings differs throughout the book. Sometimes they look very pretty, sometimes I can see things that would've looked better if they were redrawn. The drawings are mostly coloured in grey-tones.

"A promising dark shoujo fantasy" by Villain (Finland) on May 17, 2006

The first volume of Planet Ladder is very typical for a fantasy manga: A young girl gets transported into another world. Add a bunch of beautiful characters, plenty of talk about prophecies and fortune-telling, a couple of fight-scenes and a mysterious history of an ancient war. The recipe for standard fantasy manga for girls is ready.

What sets the first volume of Planet Ladder apart from common shoujo is the dark undertone of the series, the foreboding of evil to come. Kaguya's future doesn't seem like there will be just dramatic romances and other things typical to shoujo, no - she will face real hardships for sure. Or at least I hope so.

All the characters are well-designed and the artwork is beautiful, even if a bit undetailed occasionally. The translated dialogue is fluid and this volume seems way better than most manga-releases by Tokyopop.

I usually dislike typical shoujo, but Planet Ladder caught my interest by its subtle promises of upcoming pain and suffering. I hope the following volumes will fulfill those promises.

"Erg mooi, maar het verhaal is soms moeilijk te volgen..." by Chila (Nederland) on May 6, 2005

De art vind ik zelf wel mooi, verhaal is ook mooi, maar soms wel moeilijk te volgen. Deze manga gaat over een meisje met lang gekruld zwart haar met lichtblauwe ogen, genaamd Kaguya. Ze is gevonden op 3 jarige leeftijd door een familie die haar dus adopteerde. Ze herinnert zich niet erg veel van daarvoor, ze herinnert zich eigenlijk alleen haar naam. Kaguya heeft wel telkens een terugkerende droom, hij begint met een vlam, ze heeft zoveel pijn dat ze niet kan opstaan, dan is er een jongen die zijn hand naar haar uitsteekt om haar te het wel een droom?
Als je niet bang bent voor een soms wat verwarrend verhaal en voor een serie die je het beste 2x kan lezen omdat je het anders misschien niet zo goed begrijpt zal ik je deze serie zeker aanraden!!!