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Eden tome 01

Eden tome 01

Eden tome 01

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Un mystérieux virus décime la population de la Terre. On ne compte plus les cadavres, et pourtant les armées continuent de se renforcer et recrutent de plus belle parmi les survivants. Pendant ce temps, les chercheurs tentent désespérément de trouver un remède contre le virus. EDEN est une sorte d'AKIRA de l'an 2000 et a valu une reconnaissance mondiale à Hiroki Endo, aujourd'hui considéré comme un des auteurs de manga les plus doués de sa génération.

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Marvel Panini France
Series Eden (Endo Hiroki)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Product Code GCO-EDET0001
Customer reviews
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"Age-old problems in a new, post-apocalyptic world" by Mark Carson (USA) on Jan 25, 2004

In the near future, a rapidly spreading virus, and the disorder accompanying it, kills off most of humanity. At first, it seems as if there are only three - or rather two-and-a-half - survivors: two youths, Enoa and Hana, apparently destined for the roles of Adam and Eve; and Rain, the crippled scientist who makes for a reluctant Jehovah. Appropriately, they live in the remnants of what was intended as a new Eden, a self-contained, self-sustaining experimental community. Without giving anything away, though, things prove to be rather more complicated...

By the way, the characters' names seem to have been inspired by Gnostic mythology, though I couldn't get their roles to line up very well with those in the Gnostic mythos.

Endo's artwork is meticulously detailed; his characters attractive and interesting. Despite being flipped, the Génération (Marvel) edition preserves all this and more. Even the original color pages are rendered (in grayscale) rather better than the norm. I'd recommend this one, though I do strongly suspect there's going to be an English edition at some point; this one is a natural for the U.S. market. I will admit I became somewhat disenchanted with Eden after a few volumes, when it seemed to be just meandering along (and one of my favorite characters was killed, sob).