Soul caliber ≫ Soul caliber Capsule toys part 2 C

Soul caliber Capsule toys part 2 C

Soul caliber Capsule toys part 2 C

Soul caliber Capsule toys part 2 C

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Product details
Adult All ages
Department Figures and Collectibles / Small trading figures
Publisher Yujin
Series Soul caliber
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code YUJ-GGXZ0003
Customer reviews
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"Namco collection" by Celtic Redemption (Nederland) on Oct 26, 2006

Again, not Soul Calibur, but this time it's from the Namco game: Bravo-Man. another quite old game. This character is Waya, the detail on this particular figurine is very nice indeed, most likely because her outfit is a little more elaborate than the others. Just like all the other characters in this set, Waya has recently appeared again in the Namco X Capcom game, where she teams up with Taki, from Soul Calibur

"Not Soul Calibur!" by z-kun (Germany) on Nov 8, 2003

This one has nothing to do with Soul Calibur! It's a beautiful figure of Waya-hime, a character from an old Namco arcade coin-up called "chouzetsurinjin berabo-man".

Never played it myself, but this figure is one of my all-time favourites! Very dynamic pose, great(!) detail (tattoo on forehead, painted fingernails) and beautiful eyes! The head & some other parts are poseable and they even gave it a real stand! Hooray! ^-^ Great job, Yujin!

Size: 11 cm "long", 8 cm tall. Material: PVC. Assembly: moderate.