Lone Wolf and Cub ≫ Lone wolf and cub vol 20 A taste of poison TP

Lone wolf and cub vol 20 A taste of poison TP

Lone wolf and cub vol 20 A taste of poison TP

Lone wolf and cub vol 20 A taste of poison TP

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A quest for vengeance wouldn't be complete without a little poison. Having tired of his retainer's futile attempts at reining in the unstoppable samurai, the shogun himself sends Abeno Kaii, a master of poison, to join the Yagyu in their hunt for ronin Itto Ogami and his little boy Daigoro. Armed with a sack full of poison and a network of streetwalking spies, Abeno creeps ever closer to the father and son. Soon Ogami and Daigoro find themselves surrounded on all sides, facing deadly secret agents, murderously seductive prostitutes, and a river of poison flowing all around them! The Eisner and Harvey Award winning series rolls ever onward with five more stories of intrigue and intensity.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Dark horse
Series Lone Wolf and Cub
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Action , Samurai
DC Previews Star
Product Code PRE-2002010043
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"Not always about honour" by Jasper Bodenstaff (Netherlands) on Apr 20, 2010

in this tale a new and important characer enters the play for revenge. A master poisoner and the personal taster of the shogun himself! but no honour of the samurai resides within his big body, and he scemes to id the world not only of Lone wolf....but also of the Yagyu!

As all episodes of lone wolf and cub, this is a wonderful stoy of samurai honour and the bloody revenge of one wolf. Written in a historical setting with lot's of background, it's a stor you want to read, and re-read very often!