Fist of the north star ≫ Fist of the North Star TV Series vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

Fist of the North Star TV Series vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

Fist of the North Star TV Series vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

Fist of the North Star TV Series vol 4 Subtitled NTSC

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EPISODE 10 - There Are Too Many Who Must Die!

Discovering that the village's only source of water is now drained, Kenshiro tracks its source to the lair of Dragon, who is Madame Patra's partner. While Dragon seems to be sympathetic to Ken's plight regarding Julia, Ken rejects his suggestion that they join forces to overthrow Shin. When he finally faces both Patra and Dragon in their slave market, he must face not only Patra's powers of illusion but also Dragon's fire techniques.

EPISODE 11 - Villains! Listen to the Blues of Hell!

In the next town, Bart has a surprise reunion: Taki, a young boy who lives in the same orphanage Bart used to live in. Taki tells Bart that their guardian, an old woman named Auntie Toyo, is trying to dig a new well now that their old one has dried up. All the other villagers have left, but she is determined to keep the town alive. Unfortunately, this search for water attracts the attention of a cowardly gang-leader named Jackal.

EPISODE 12 - I am Death! I'll Chase You to the Ends of Hell!

After Ken digs a new well and fights off the local gang, Jackal and his men sweep in after he leaves. Ken returns in the nick of time, but Jackal and his men buy time to escape by tying dynamite to some of the orphans. Swearing to follow Jackal to the ends of hell, Ken sets out after him. Julia gets a new friend, a servant girl named Saki.

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
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Publisher Manga entertainment
Series Fist of the north star
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Spoken language Japanese
Primary language English
Subtitle language English
Product Code MAN-FNOV0009
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