Macross ≫ Macross Transformable Action figure VF-1S

Macross Transformable Action figure VF-1S

Macross Transformable Action figure VF-1S

Macross Transformable Action figure VF-1S

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This valkyrie figure looks a lot like the old Transformers Jetfire action figure. Like the MACROSS Valkyrie E VF-1J this figure can be easily transformed from Battroid to Gerwalk to Fighter. unlike the VF-1J from Bandai the VF-1S has a replacable cockpit lid (The replacement makes the battroid mode look much better and authentic). Highly recommended for all fans of transformable toys.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Bandai
Series Macross
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code BAN-MACZ0004
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Customer reviews
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"A great all round toy." by Kneebone (UK) on Nov 26, 2003

Ohh a transforming robot, plane thing. Even if you are not a fan of the Macross series or even Robotech you can't fail to appreciate these toys.

This effectively a remake of the old toys from the 80's that were produced. Like the descrption says this was also re-painted and sold as "jet fire!" as part of the transformers line. Although this particiular model does not feature the amour and jets etc. I bought mine because I missed out on jet fire the first time around, but I digress.

Because this figure is basically a remake of the older toy line the sculptng is not as good as the more recent figures(especially the head) there is also little possability. It is however well made and sturdy. It looks like what it is supposed to and the transformation action works like a treat.
It requires no removal of the legs or other seperation of parts. It all works smoothy, though the first time you do it you will be a bit fearful of "clicking" the legs into place.

It is well made wiith mostly plastic construction and metal hinges for longer life. All the panels are well hinged and once you transform it, it stays transfomed. To untransform requres the movement of parts like the head which allow the whole body section to fold. This however can only be achieved after moving another part.. and so on. If you watch the transformation sequences in the anime you can really apprecatehow much thought went into to making and perfecting these toys. It transforms exactly like it should and you will feel compelled to do it again and again.

All forms look great as well. I prefer the Battroid myslef as it just seems intimidatng next to a Gundam. the gerwalk works well, but is limited in posing due to restrictions in the legs. thought is still great. naturally the jet mode is also spot on and the detail such as retractable landing gears (also metal) are a great touch.

It does not require the application of any stickers and the paint application is great as well. There area few visable screws on the inside of the figure, but they are black so they do not spoil the lines of the figure too much. Details in the plastic surface outline all the panels and the ailerons well but could easly be enhanced yourself if you could bring yourself to repaint.

In short it looks great straight out of the box and is also constructed solidly enough to make it fun to play with as well as to dsplay.
It would have got a higher rating, but there are better more modern versions of the same toy with more detail, possability and sculptng.. however if like me you missed out on a jetfire n your childhood this is a great way to cheat and own one now.