Man of many faces (20 Onegai) ≫ Le voleur aux cent visages tome 1

Le voleur aux cent visages tome 1

Le voleur aux cent visages tome 1

Le voleur aux cent visages tome 1

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La ville entière ne parle que de lui. Lui, l'homme en noir, qui vole tout comme par magie. Mais il reste quelques chose que lui-même ne parvient à dérober. il n;a pu ravir mon coeur, malgré mon désir qu'il y parvienne. Alors, essaie encore, encore, s'il te plaît!

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Pika Edition
Series Man of many faces (20 Onegai)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Product Code PIK-20MT0001
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"Not bad" by Fairiewitch (België) on Jan 20, 2007

Leuk om na een vermoeide dag te lezen. Maar best wel verwarrend in het begin. Nadien heb je dan toch door wat er nou eigenlijk aan de hand is. Niks mis mee, maar het kan beter.
20 faces is zeker geen geldverspilling=P

"Lightweight but mostly fun CLAMP nonsense" by Mark Carson (USA) on Jul 11, 2004

The romantic adventures of the 4th grade master thief, "The Acrobat," a.k.a. 20 Masks, who apparently picks up 80 more for the French edition - I suspect they're playing off "L'homme aux cent visages". More early Clamp wackiness, a pre/co-cursor of the Clamp Campus Detectives. (It started earlier, but Clamp didn't finish it off until after the Campus Detectives started, so you'll see some references to the latter in the final stories.)

Warning: While filled with the usual fun Clamp weirdness (e.g., Akira has two mothers, who seem to be mirror-image twins and act like two-year-olds, and his romantic interest Utako is in kindergarten, just recovering from a failed relationship with her teacher(!)), there are also long discourses on the nature of love and relationships that even Clamp seems to admit get a little tiresome occasionally. But if you're willing to skip lightly through these, it's fun enough.

The Pika edition is flipped, but fairly well done.