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Transformers Heroes DVD

Transformers Heroes DVD

Transformers Heroes DVD

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Just as Optimus Prime predicted, every Decepticon in the universe has united to launch a devastating attack on Autobot City. Their objective: to steal the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, the foundry in which the original Autobots were forged. Meanwhile, out of power, a band of Autobots become stranded on Nebulos, with a band of Decepticons close behind. The Nebulos have been enslaved by machines who work for "The Hive", and are desperate to break free. A daring plan is hatched to place Nebulons inside the Autobot bodies, transforming them into a new life form, "Headmasters", with greatly enhanced fighting capabilities. But the Decepticons make a sinister deal with the merciless Hive, and its evil leader, Zarak, who succeeds in turning the Hive's entire city into a new Decepticon superbot, the most powerful ever created. At the same time, on Cybertron, Optimus Prime merges with the supercomputer Vector Sigma and discovers the deadly secret of Plasma Energy. Now, newly transformed Headmasters, Targetmasters and colossal new Superrobots are all on a collision course. But who will survive the most titanic, earth-shattering Transformer battle ever waged?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Rhino
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English
Primary language English
DVD region 1
Product Code RHI-TRAV0003
Customer reviews
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"Transformers" by P.B. uit NL (Nederland) on May 23, 2004

Geweldige DVD, The Rebirth part 1/2/3 zijn gewoon prachtige episodes,
Transformers heerst!

"Transformers is a legend so is this DVD" by hushpuppy (Belgium) on Nov 17, 2003

This release is perfect! We get to see the separate, super short, 4th season on 1 DVD!!! For the ones confused now: The fourth season were the episodes Re-birth part 1 till 3 which concluded the show of G1.

It was really great to see the headmasters and targetmasters come to life. The story in these last eps were wonderfully written and they couldn't conclude it any better! How ever there are some wierd things that happen: like where is the Autobot Blaster? And i was missing a few others too like they jsut dissapeared.... I guess their toy counterparts didn't sell anymore ey.... he.... Or some other nitpicks which you'll surely see for yourself. But those little script errors are not present in an obnoxious way and you'll only notice them when you think about them or watch it again.

This DVD also brought some of my favorite Transformers to life: We get to see the fantastic Scorponok and the powerfull Fortress Maximus!

I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who has some memory of Transformers or to anyone who just wants to complete his or hers collection!

Buy it before they stop making it!