One Piece ≫ One piece Color walk vol 01 SC

One piece Color walk vol 01 SC

One piece Color walk vol 01 SC

One piece Color walk vol 01 SC

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A collection of hilarious full-color images based on the hit manga series, One Piece, including a section of black-and-white character designs, and more!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / Illustration book
Publisher Shueisha
Series One Piece
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Comedy , Drama , Adventure , Action
Product Code PRE-2001092490
Customer reviews
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"Magnifique" by Fabien BURLOT (France) on May 6, 2004

Cet artbook nous permet de retrouver les magnifiques pages couleurs de Eiichiro Oda qui sont passées en monochrome dans les volumes reliés. Il concerne les volumes 1 à 10 du manga.
On retrouve également des idées qu'ODA a eu pour son manga, des dessins originaux.
Il y a une discussion entre ODA et TORIYAMA à la fin de cet artbook, dommage que je ne parle pas japonais car ca à l'air intéressant.

Un artbook à posséder par tous les fans de One Piece

"Bright, vibrant and wonderfully unusual." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Nov 6, 2003

Eeichiro Oda's art can be summed up as stylised, simple but highly expressive - that is, when it's just in black and white. This almost full-color artbook is testament to his great skill with colors. Every illustration in here is bright, loud and lively, with a multitude of colors to behold.
The way highlights are used is really impressive, making everything look shiny, and... well, just so -bright- (I know I'm repeating myself here, but bright is really the best way to sum up this artbook).

Besides the excellent use of color, it's the sheer amount of fun and imagination that Oda packs into his illustrations that make this artbook enjoyable to just leaf through. A lot of illustrations show characters doing some silly little things, or feature costumes, poses and even animals that are so cool and funny to behold that they stick in your mind as the product of one very vivid imagination. Fun, quirky stuff like giant squids digging for radishes or grinning sea-dragons are all over this book. My favorite would be page 29, with the dancing multi-colored penguins. Classic stuff.

The book contains mostly early art from the series (roughly up to the story arc in Kokoyashi village), plus a few pages of early concept images that give an interesting glimpse of how One Piece might've looked instead. With 100 color pages and a mere 8 black-and-white pages of text, it's good value for money. Recommended to One Piece fans, or those who enjoy something fun, quirky and creative. If you think polar bears with piercings sound like the coolest thing in the world, this artbook is for you.