Macross ≫ Macross Transformable Action figure E VF-1J

Macross Transformable Action figure E VF-1J

Macross Transformable Action figure E VF-1J

Macross Transformable Action figure E VF-1J

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Transformable Robot (3 forms) with Die Cast parts. Size: 25 cm.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Figures and Collectibles / Action Figure
Publisher Bandai
Series Macross
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code BAN-MACZ0003
Customer reviews
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"Only as an addition to the collection" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Dec 2, 2003

Valkyries rank very high among my anime and manga collection. I simply love the classic plane design and the rather simplistic but yet very appealing Battroid mode. Yamato's valks are the best of the best without any doubt but they're not the only company who has created VF's.

This Bandai VF-1j looks close to the original anime design but not completely. Find out why:

First of all in plane mode the chestplate is a little bit higher then the cockpit which looks very veryu ugly and takes away of the charm of the toy. The plane mode itself looks good but nothing more.

Another good thing with this version is that now most of the marks that had to be put on with stickers are now painted on. And maybe it's just me bu the plastic also looks more glossy which only adds to the charm.

The toy is very solid in all three modes. But the annoying swing bars for the legs are still present unfortunately. While this more durable than the removable legs this limits the poseability alot! But another thing thena gain is that this toy in general is far more durable than the Yamato 1/60's.

I wouldn't recommend Bandai Valks if you have the chance to buy Yamato valks. But if you're still searching to add to the collection then by all means by these ones!