Trigun ≫ Trigun official soundtrack CD

Trigun official soundtrack CD

Trigun official soundtrack CD

Trigun official soundtrack CD

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Get set for the "stampede" as the sound of techno cowboy music prepares to rock your stereo. Despite the western-in-space aesthetics of the show, Trigun's soundtrack is hardly honky-tonk with its mix of hip-hop and electronica. Made popular on Cartoon Network and through its video release by Pioneer Entertainment, this funky mesh of sound is the only thing appropriate for a hero with a name like Vash the Stampede. Luckily for fans, this soundtrack doesn't carry the same 60 billion dollar bounty Vash does!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department toys and models / Music CD
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Trigun
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code PRE-2001073452
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Customer reviews
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"F A N T A S T I C" by Dirk Gjaltema (Nederland) on Jul 7, 2004

i love this cd
awsome music from a awsome anime!!!

"this rocks!" by cute-manga-boy (Netherlands) on May 7, 2004

i can only agree with the guy above.
this is good music!

"Pretty damn good." by Stevey (UK) on Nov 5, 2003

Ah, from the best Anime series ever, its soundtrack. The problems with soundtracks is they have the full songs on from what you here off the show.. which means you hear the best bit usually and the rest can be not so good.. but not in this case as these song on this cd are generally great.

This is a mix of guitars and various orchestral instruments with a varying western theme.

1. H.T. Opening theme ***** (6 because it rocks)
2. NO-BEAT ***
3. Big Bluff *****
4. Unhappy Song
5. PHILOSOPHY in a Tea Cup ****
6. Cynical Pink ****
7. Nerve Rack
8. Zero Hour
9. KNIVES ****
10. Permanent Vacation *****
11. BLUE FUNK *****
12. YELLOW ALERT *****
13. Carot & Stick *****
14. Suna-no-Hoshi
15. Kaze-wa Mirai-ni Fuku

I would suggest this to anyone.