Video girl AI ≫ Video girl Ai vol complete DVD

Video girl Ai vol complete DVD

Video girl Ai vol complete DVD

Video girl Ai vol complete DVD

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Out of the TV steps his dream girl, dedicated to making him happy whether he likes it or not!

Wandering the streets after having his heart thoroughly broken, Yota Moteuchi stumbles across a video shop he'd never noticed before: Gokuraku, as in "paradise". Nervous he'll be spotted checking out the "adult" section, Yota quickly pulls a video off the shelf - one that looks promising, but not too promising...Video Girl Ai.

Based on the hit comic by D.N.A.2 and Shadow Lady's Masakazu Katsura, here is the complete six-episode romantic comedy OAV series that GameFan calls "wonderful classic anime... top quality in everything from art to animation to its soundtrack."

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Video girl AI
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2001073390
Customer reviews
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"There is a difference between thinking you love somebody and knowing." by chon (Belgium) on Nov 27, 2003

Be warned; this show starts out funny and cheerfull, but near the end it becomes a real tearjerker ^^ (I assure you the first time you watch it you will have a hard time holding them tears back). Though for me that is proof the show works.

We have a young man named Youta, who because of the purity of his heart, gets to pick a magic videocasette. He chooses Amano Ai. During the next couple of days/weeks he grows fond of Ai as she does of him and both of them have to think their feelings through once more.

Video Girl Ai is a show that will probably make you think about past conquests and losses, wheter you're a guy or a girl doesn't matter. I could sympathise with Youta and Ai, the show never struck me as over the top or drawn out.

The presentation here is good although not great. The good thing is that you get the entire 6 episode OAV on one disc here. Sadly thats also the drawback, the videoquality could be better. The character designs are almost unique for anime. The only other show I can think of that uses similar designs by the same creator Masakazu Katsura is D.N.A.² (although Video girl ai is the better show by far). They look dated by todays standards but that shouldn't hold anyone back. Sound and menus are ok, nothing out of the ordinary.

Awyhow, if you have any doubts about getting this disc, then please do yourself a favor and get it. This series has to be seen and if u happen to be able to catch it with that person you love beside you, I promise it will be an experience you wont forget.