Macross ≫ Macross Transformable Action figure Die Cast VF-1A

Macross Transformable Action figure Die Cast VF-1A

Macross Transformable Action figure Die Cast VF-1A

Macross Transformable Action figure Die Cast VF-1A

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<UL><LI>Type: action figure, transformable (fighter/Ger-walk/Robot)<LI>Quality: Die-cast / PVC</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Yamato
Series Macross
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code YAM-MACZ0001
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Customer reviews
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"VF-1a Valkyrie Hikaru Ichijyo version" by hushpuppy (Belgium) on Nov 5, 2003

First impression:
When I received the toy I got a first good impression. The box looked very nice and it features a nice picture of the Valkyrie in Battroid form on the back and some nice pics of the 3 modes on the sides. It also featured the specs from the Valkyrie for who's interested in them.
Everything was packed orderly and the Valkyrie itself was placed firmly into the plastic.
There also come alot of accessories with the toy. Here's the list:

- Red heat shield
- Gunpod
- One extra hand for holding the gundpod
- One extra hand for letting the Gunpod rest on it
- 1 antenna for the backpack in Gerwalk Form and one extra antenna
- extra tab for the inside the nosecone when in Gerwalk or fighter Mode
- 4 missile packs
- 4 missile packs that are hold by 3

The toy itself looks very good in all 3 modes. I like it best in Fighter Mode because it's the most realistic one and it looks smoothly no matter from which side you approach it. I like it the least in Gerwalk mode but I'll tell why later.

There's a good reason for the age recommendation. Not only because of the spare parts (which can get lost very easily) but also for the transformation. The transformation itself is rather simple but the problem is that there alot of small parts that can be broken. Like the little tab that holds the backpack can break very easily when not done carefully or the little tabs to put everything in place like the two tabs to hold connect the chest. It took me the first time I think 10 minutes to transform it because you have to wiggle or put some stress on certain parts to transform properm&micro;ly which will definitely reduce the lifespan of the toy. one thing that really annoys me is the canopy and the heatshield. You have to squeeze the canopy very firmly to remove it and the heatshield is even worse. I think that when not done very very carefully you'll break something for sure. So the tabs and the canopy and heatshield are in my opinion the only annoying things in transforming the toy.

Fighter Mode:
Like I said previously I like it best in this way but also it's the most solid form. It can't fall over etc. One thing that's a shame is that the missile packs have to be attached with a small pin that will loosen up when removed a few times. I don't put mine ones on and I jus fold the wings back. It looks great then.

Gerwalk Mode:
Ok. Well, while the Gerwalk mode itself doesn't look that bad it's very hard to pose the toy and it's the least stable form to transform it to. The mayor problem because of that are the legs. Because when you want to transform it you'll have to remove the legs (same goes for Battroid form). But it's not removing the legs that's a pain it's putting them on. First of all the place that needs to hold the legs is rather small. Result is that the legs are attached loosely and tend to fall of when you shake the toy or don't connect them properly. Second is that the pins for putting the legs into the nosecone for Battroid form hit eachother unavoidably. Which results in some twisting and wiggling before you can get them into a firm position. If it weren't for the legs problem Gerwalk would've been my favo form.

Now this is actually where the toy truly shines! The toy is greatly detailed from the eye to the shoulder lights all into see-through plastic which only makes it look better. It's also very poseable which allows it for poses like in the anime. You can bend the legs, hold up the arms, etc... Also the hand that needs to hold the Gunpod is very comfortable in ways of putting the Gunpod in it and removing it. And next to the Fighter Mode is the Battroid form the most robust one.

This is one very nice toy that definitely needs to be in any Transformers collection or just if you're a fan of the anime you should own it by now! Despite the few flaws I highly recommend it to anyone above 12 years old. I had and still have great fun with it. And I'm going to order a second one for sure because it also jsut looks plain kewl.